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Mission Data Links

Providing The Communications Link Between Earth And Space For Over 50 Years

General Dynamics has provided the critical communications link between Earth and space since the mid-1950s. In all, General Dynamics has produced over 400 space transponders including over 150 Deep Space, Near Earth and Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) transponders and transceivers for NASA missions. Examples include the Voyager spacecraft, launched in 1977, which carries two Deep Space Transponders that are still functioning, and the two first generation TDRSS user transponders flying on the Hubble Space Telescope that continue to operate trouble free after more than 19 years of service in space.

HRT150 Ku-Band High Rate Transmitter

General Dynamics' HRT150 Ku-Band Transmitter provides a solution for delivering large amounts of data from a spacecraft in one small package. Standard operation is TDRSS Ku-Band, with options available for X-Band and Ka-Band. The transmitter is compatible with NASA's TDRSS KuSAR high-rate return link receiving systems.

HRT440 X-Band High Rate Transmitter

The HRT-440 transmitter utilizes the latest near earth Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) code to achieve state of the art coding gain at high data rates. The nominal carrier frequency of 8200.5 MHz is adaptable to other frequency bands and coding schemes.

S-Band Solid State Power Amplifier

General Dynamics' space-qualified, S-Band SSPA offers highly efficient and reliable power amplification and features an internal DC-DC power converter and voltage regulator. Operating over the 2.2 to 2.3 GHz frequency range, the SSPA serves as a companion unit to General Dynamics' Multi-Mode Standard Transponder (MST) or operates as a stand-alone power amplifier.

X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier

General Dynamics' space-qualified, X-Band SSPA uses GaAs power MMIC technology providing high efficiency, high reliability, small size and low mass. This amplifier can be stacked with the HRT-150 to form a higher output power integrated transmitter unit.