Cargo Bed Covers

HMMWV, Type I and JLTV

The Type I Cargo Bed Covers (CBC) produced by General Dynamics Mission Systems are lightweight, rigid structures that provide environmental protection, and are used to store and secure mission equipment, tools, and valuable items and supplies.

  • Lightweight, rigid structures that provide environmental protection
  • Ideal for storing and securing mission equipment, tools and valuable items and supplies
  • Lighter and more secure than soft-top systems
  • Customizable to accommodate installation of inserts for mounting user equipment

The CBCs are 20 pounds (9 kg) lighter than soft-top systems. When replacing a soft-top canvas and bow structure, the CBCs enhance the system by providing environmental protection and greater security for cargo. In addition, the composite structure can be modified to accommodate installation of inserts for mounting user equipment.

The Type I cargo covers are intended for use on the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle and Joint Lightweight Tactical Vehicle.

System Features

  • Weatherproof: provides 220 cubic feet of clean, dry workspace in tropical, desert, coastal and shipboard environments
  • Light: 320 lb weight provides minimal vehicle impact
  • Corrosion resistant: all aluminum construction, combined with 100 percent epoxy priming, guarantees life of vehicle operation
  • Versatility: with inclusion of available options, CBCs can be configured to meet specific warfighter needs
  • Over-cab rack: provides 300 lbs of additional equipment storage
  • Cab access: pass-through from CBC to driver compartment
  • Utility inserts: 40 each, standard 1/4-20 inserts installed in interior surface

CBCs Design Features

  • Panel construction supports integration of user equipment
  • Large personnel door opening – 48˝(1,219mm) wide x 57˝(1,448mm) high
  • Compatible with all standard HMMWV configurations
  • Transportable in C-130, C-141, C-17 and C-5 aircraft


Cargo Bed Covers - HMMWV, Type I and JLTV Datasheet

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Exterior: 84.2˝W x 63.5˝H x 82.8˝L (2,139 x 1,613x2,103mm)
Interior: 82.2˝W x 62.4˝H x 80.5˝L (2,088 x 1,585x2,045mm)
Overall height
102˝ (2,59mm)
Tare weight
320 lbs (145 kg)
220 Ft3
Floor area
45 Ft2
Air transport: C-130 drive-on/back-off, back-on/drive-off
Helicopter lift: MIL-STD-209H
Storage Temperature: -70°F to +160°F (-56.6°C to 71°C)
Operating Temperature: -65°F to +125°F (-53.8°C to 51.6°C)
Humidity: Up to 100 percent