Nailing the Resume

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How to make yourself stand out in the pile

Before a Hiring Manager will look at your resume, it passes through our recruitment team who have a few key things they search for.

The First Look

Recruiters begin their review with one basic question: Does the candidates experience match the job they are applying for?

  • Use key words from the job description to highlight the experience you have.
  • List your experience in order of relevance to the job.
  • Design for skim-ability: Use bold fonts and formatting consistantly where appropriate to highlight relevant information and align content to the left.


The Next Steps

Sell your skills:

  • Do more than just list your experience. Explain how those skills you developed can benefit your team if you are chosen for the position.
  • Rather than just including your previous job description, use the space on your resume to explain what you brought to the role and how you differentiated yourself.
  • Use quantitative data when possible to explain the impact that your work had.
  • Avoid empty and overused words and mix up your word use rather than using the same words multiple times. (ex. Responsible for)


Target to your audience:

  • Be sure that your resume, cover letter, or CV are tailored to General Dynamics and the specific job for which you are applying.
  • Avoid using acronyms from previous companies.


Watch out for these red flags:

  • Misspelling, bad grammar, inconsistent formatting/styling.
  • Short stays at many different companies.
  • Unexplained large gaps in job history.