Trusted Computing & Cross Domain

General Dynamics trusted multilevel and cross-domain technologies have revolutionized the computer users’ access to sensitive information. Organizations around the world can now access information at various levels of security more quickly and efficiently than ever before, while contributing to overall cost reductions and increasing system-wide mobility.

Tactical Cross Domain Solutions

Mission success in today’s battle space is dependent on the timely sharing of actionable information between commanders and warfighters on the front line. General Dynamics tactical cross domain products (formally Advatech Pacific) enable secure,multi-level information sharing preventing data spillage and cyber attacks on the classified portions of the network. Optimized for SWaP-constrained applications, these products are ideal for autonomous vehicles, aircraft, sensors and manpack systems in tactical environments.

General Dynamics acquired Advatech Pacific’s tactical cross domain technology and products in April 2017.

Cyber and Electronic Warfare Systems - Tactical Cross Domain Solution (TACD) - Image

TVE Trusted Multilevel Computing Solution

TVE allows users to simultaneously view and access multiple security levels, operating systems and domains from a single computer. An ideal desktop consolidation system, TVE provides significant cost savings associated with IT equipment, network infrastructure, labor, space, weight and power improving operational and environmental efficiencies.

Trusted Network Environment (TNE)

TNE is software built for today’s dynamic information environment where coalitions and countries need to share sensitive information across security boundaries. TNE enables this 360 degree collaboration with a suite of trusted software applications, utilities and tools that are fully accredited for cross-domain information sharing.

PitBull Trusted Operating System

The PitBull® Trusted Operating System (OS) provides the secure separation and role-based access control required to protect information of multiple levels at the heart of the computing platform. With increased focus on protecting information from both internal and external threats, PitBull’s compartmentalization ensures the integrity and control of data is maintained and data spillage is contained in the event of a breach.

Trusted Embedded Environment (TEE)

With TEE, warfighters on tactical situations can both access and transfer information from multiple security levels, enhancing situational awareness, safety and mission success.

Tactical Cross Domain Guards

In today’s warfighter environment the need for networks to extend to the tactical edge is vital, however most current cross domain solutions are not adapted to operate in these environments. General Dynamics’ family of cross domain guards offers unique implementation options on one architecture ideal for tactical environments.

Microvisor Products

Open source, mathematically verified operating system kernel for use in critical function applications such as healthcare, defense and aerospace.