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Combat Operations Center (COC)

Combat Operations Centers (COCs) are the focal point of decision-making during all phases of ground warfare, allowing Marine forces to digitally collect, process, and disseminate tactical data. They are mobile, modular command and control centers designed to support Marines and other users wherever they are deployed, including for pre-deployment training and testing.

General Dynamics integrates computerized intelligence, information and communication systems with commercial off-the-shelf products to provide a low risk operation center that's designed to:

  • increase operational capability and mission effectiveness
  • speed decision making
  • enhance situational awareness
  • preserve resources including human life
  • facilitate training

The system's modularity and flexibility comes from its unique Capability Sets, or CapSets. These are common, modular and scalable building blocks which are re-configurable to adapt to any mission need and scaled up or down to provide required capabilities at any operational level.