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How We Work

General Dynamics Mission Systems uses a competitive Open Business Model to design and build its solutions. In an open forum, best-in-industry providers openly compete to offer each hardware and software component. This extensive network also brings with it knowledge of beneficial new technologies, approaches and capabilities, which drives innovation while lowering cost. This allows our customers to get better, more advanced solutions while saving money.

Open Architecture

Whether building a state-of-the-art intelligence analysis network or the communications and mission control backbone of one of the world’s most advanced combat ships, General Dynamics uses a big-picture open architecture approach, optimal for a time in which the only certainty is constant change.

User Experience

General Dynamics Mission Systems utilizes a Human Centered approach to User Experience (UX) – a process developed to tame the complexities of advanced warfighter technology and create a more intuitive experience for users. By using this iterative process, which focuses on the goals and experiences of end-users, UX experts are able to quickly identify the good, the bad, and the ugly, and ensure the product enables our users to complete their missions efficiently and effectively.

EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network

The EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network™ is General Dynamics Mission Systems’ open supplier innovation ecosystem, promoting small business identification and participation, discovery of emerging technologies and solutions, to forge partnerships that are discriminators to advancing our customers’ missions. EDGE Innovation Sourcing Network connects people, process and technologies to deliver innovative sourcing solutions. To learn more, visit edge-innovation.com.

Environmental Health and Safety

General Dynamics Mission Systems fosters a culture that values Environmental Health & Safety and shares responsibility for protecting people and preventing pollution through effective communications, compliance assurance and continual improvement. We encourage members of the communities where we have offices to contact us if you have questions about our policies and procedures.