Fortress LTE Virtual Core Network (VCN)

Connectivity with Certainty

Whether you are building a network from the ground up, upgrading an existing network, or need the flexibility of a deployable network, size, weight, and power are important considerations. The Fortress® LTE Virtual Core Network (vCN) is a virtual core network that delivers all of the functionality you require from a single commercial off the shelf (COTS) server.

  • All the functionality of a COTs server in a complete, highly scalable Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution
  • Deployable on a variety of COTs computing platforms
  • Low SWaP reduces total cost of ownership
  • Customizable for private, public safety and tactical LTE deployable networks
  • Security zone and firewall protects against external attacks

Product Details

About General Dynamics Fortress LTE

Ideal for small to large specialized private wireless deployments, Fortress LTE delivers an end-to-end solution providing ‘always on’ high speed network access to vital information including voice, video, data, text and chat using any 3GPP compliant LTE enabled device. Fortress LTE solutions are frequency agile, customizable for specific applications and designed for harsh, permanent or temporary deployments where network access may not be available. Fortress LTE is a cost-effective, single vendor end-to-end solution consisting of:

  • 4G Core Network
  • Radio Access Network (Base Station)
  • User Equipment (UE)

What Sets Us Apart

  • Virtualization – Facilitates deployment on a wide range of COTs or application specific platforms, optimizing Space, Weight and Power (SWaP) and reducing total cost of ownership
  • 3GPP Compliant – Fully interoperable with the Fortress LTE portfolio, enabling end-to-end integration into state-of-the-art public safety and tactical communication networks
  • High Performance – The flexibility of up to 8,000 UEs and 1Gbits/s user plane, full duplex delivers a customizable solution for private, public safety and tactical deployable systems
  • Scalability – Facilitates the creation of distributed core network architectures incorporating multiple VCNs to support multiple deployables or highly resilient fixed networks
  • Secure – Security zone and firewall protects against sophisticated external attacks



Fortress LTE Virtual Core Network Datasheet



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Supported Functions


ƒƒManagement – EMS, UMS
ƒƒApplication framework – ready for deployment specific application integration


External interfaces


ƒƒeNodeB - S1-U, S1-MME, OAM
ƒƒLocal management
ƒƒExternal IP connectivity
ƒƒPhysical separation of user, control and management plane traffic


Configurations Single site – 1 - 3 eNodeBs with direct connection to VCN host server
Multi site – Up to 30 eNodeBs with hierarchical transport network


ƒƒUp to 8,000 simultaneously connected UEs
ƒƒUp to 1Gbits/s user plane traffic, full duplex




ƒIntegrated user configurable firewall and optional support for 3GPP compliant network domain security (IPSec tunnels)


3GPP compliance ƒ3GPP release 10 (software upgradeable)


vCN Enhanced Functionality Features

  • Integrated Evolved Packet Core (EPC) – 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) containing Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving GateWay (SGW), Packet data network GateWay (PGW), Home Subscriber Server (HSS) and Policy Charging Rules Function (PCRF) logical nodes
  • Management System – Contains an Element Management Server (EMS) that facilitates configuration, performance monitoring, accounting, fault and security management capabilities for the RAN and EPC. This enables the EPC software to be updated by the system manager without the need of support from General Dynamics Mission Systems
  • Application Server Framework – A framework that enables the integration of customer specific application servers such as HTTP, media and voice (IMS/VoIP)
  • Virtual Switch Fabric – A high performance switch fabric, firewall and gateway enables secure external network connectivity
  • Domain Controller – Contains LDAP, DNS, NTP and licensing servers


  • Flexible deployment: two end-to-end system configurations are available to meet the needs of deployable systems and small fixed or transient networks:
    • ƒƒUp to 8,000 simultaneously connected UE
    • ƒƒUp to 1Gbits/s user plane traffic, full duplex
  • Platform: vCN is available on a range of prequalified and tested 1u COTS server platforms ideally suited for eployable systems
  • Software: vCN is available as a software package ready for integration on to an application specific server
  • Network Domain Security: vCN can support 3GPP NDS (IPSec tunnels) via an optional integrated security gateway (SEG) or via external SEG hardware