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General Dynamics Mission Systems' LTE solutions provide our customers with the high-speed voice, video and data communications that users expect and deserve on any LTE enabled device. We have been a trusted provider of mission critical communication networks for decades and with our new Fortress® LTE technology, will be providing customers with more reliable and more secure communications for decades to come.

The on demand capabilities of a good smartphone powered by a strong 4G LTE network are why LTE is increasingly the technology of choice for military, tactical, public safety and private mobile users.

With General Dynamics LTE:

  • Police officers can share information and images instantly which has helped locate missing children faster
  • Soldiers on the battlefield can send and receive life-saving information in real time
  • Private companies can build dedicated LTE networks in locations where communications had been unavailable
  • News stations can broadcast live over-the-air from any location via a dedicated LTE-network
  • First responders, warfighters and business professionals make informed decisions faster than ever before

Fixed LTE Solutions

Our fixed LTE networks provide instant access to secure voice and data designed for first responders, private companies, and other government organizations. We built a dedicated 4G LTE public safety network in Adams County, Colorado, which is now providing first responders with mission critical information at their fingertips.

Deployable LTE Solutions

Natural disasters and large planned events can overwhelm or destroy existing communications networks and cause chaos across jurisdictions and agencies. Our Cell On Wheels (COW) provides additional network capacity to keep you connected any place, anytime, and in any emergency or event.

Tactical LTE

Today's soldiers operate on challenging terrain and in fast-moving, remote, and dynamic battlefields. Our LTE technology will enable soldiers to take pictures and gather information using their smartphones, then transmit the data back to their commanders, who can track their locations on command and control displays.

Fortress LTE Products

General Dynamics' LTE Solutions are built with our Fortress LTE products which deliver reliable high speed access to vital information for first responders, armed forces and private companies. Our Fortress LTE products are frequency agile, customizable for specific applications and designed for harsh deployments where network access may not be available. Fortress LTE products are a cost-effective solution consisting of: