Turn any aircraft into a Combat Search and Rescue aircraft.

The handheld General Dynamics Quickdraw2® Interrogator quickly plugs into the intercom system of virtually any aircraft, both rotor and fixed-wing, transforming it into a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) platform. The Quickdraw2 Interrogator is more flexible and much more economical than existing radios/interrogators built into aircraft.

  • Encrypted, direct, cockpit to survivor communications (TAC)
  • Plug-and-play on over 50 different aircraft, including surveillance and C2 aircraft
  • Displays survivor GPS coordinates in multiple formats
  • Databurst interrogations minimize exposure to enemy forces
  • Quickdraw2 functionality embeddable in other systems

Product Details

Current Software Version

PRC-112B1 Radio

  • Appliqué Version 3.6.0
  • Part No. 98-P46844J40301L

PRC-112G® Radio

  • Version 3.6.0
  • Part No. 98-P46844J40301L


  • Version 2.15.0
  • Part No. 98-P42022J40201L

GPS-112 Program Loader

  • Version 3.4.0
  • Part No. 98-P42024J40301L

Aeroflex Test Set

  • Version 7.03


  • Rescue air crews can find survivors faster using the Quickdraw2 to interrogate an HOOK2 PRC-112G or HOOK3 radio. You receive all the info you need from isolated personnel on the ground: status, threats, and landing zone info.
  • Turns any aircraft into a CSAR aircraft — You can plug-and-play on over 50 different aircraft without making changes. Just plug the Quickdraw2 into the intercom or headset. The Quickdraw2 has also been flight certified by the US Navy.
  • Talk directly to the survivor, with secure TAC. Even if the survivor is unable to talk, you can still extract information from their radio.
  • Focus on the mission, not the radio — Audio and flashing LED alerts let you know when you have a new message. The interrogator also corrects errors and encrypts messages automatically, so you don’t have to. And for those nighttime missions, the Quickdraw2 works with Night Vision Goggles.
  • Compatible with other systems:
    • UHF radios for mobile or fixed applications
    • Rockwell Collins RSC-125G Quickdraw-enabled system
    • Cubic AN/ARS (6) Version 12 PLS®

Available Now via GSA Contract

GSA Order: GS-35F-0060N
Schedule #70 • SIN 132-8

For assistance, please call 1-800-424-0052
E-mail: HOOK2info@gd-ms.com



Quickdraw2 Data Sheet



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Power Four commercially available AA batteries
Size 42 cu. in. (688.26 cc)
Weight 24 oz. (.68 kg) w/o batteries and cables
Operational temp. -30°C to +55°C
Storage temp. -40°C to +80°C
Data Burst 455ms
Data Modulation MSK 1200/2400BPS
Data Encoding Forward Error Correction
Encryption DES
Audio Interface The audio interface meets the requirements of C-11746 (Model 449,
“Communications System Control C-11746, Power and Signal
Requirements” document) Compatible with various Tempest and
non-Tempest headsets including the H-189/GR or H-250/U handsets



We currently offer operation and maintenance training for Combat Search and Rescue radio products at our Scottsdale facility, which is conveniently located seven miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. If you’d prefer for us to come to you, Customer Onsite Training is also available: please contact us for a quote.

Training Topics

  • PRC Operation
  • Quickdraw Operation
  • Programming and Maintenance
  • Base Station Operation
  • SARSAT Option Training (module added as required)
  • SATCOM Option Training (module added as required)

For full syllabus details, please download the HOOK2 Systems Operation Training Outline.


The cost to attend is $2,000 per student, per course. Please contact us if you require a formal quote for training class funding.

A minimum of 8 students must enroll for each training course for the course to take place. General Dynamics Mission Systems reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course due to low enrollment, schedule conflicts, or other reason beyond our control. Changes will be announced a minimum of two weeks prior to the published course date being canceled or changed.