SATCOM On-The-Move Model 24-30L Terminal

All General Dynamics SOTM products share a legacy of proven, reliable performance on aircraft, ships, fast boats and a variety of military wheeled and tracked vehicles, including HMMWV, Bradley and Stryker and a variety of commercial vehicles. This terminal shares a common technology base, common components, and a common user interface with the other products in the General Dynamics SOTM family.

Key to the performance of any SOTM product is the availability to maintain the link during dynamic platform motion. General Dynamics SOTM products provide world-class "on satellite" tracking accuracy via combination of integral tracking receiver, gyro stabilization, and inertial measurement unit.

General Dynamics' Model 24-30L series terminals provide high data rate, reliable Ku, or Ka Mil and Commercial band satellite communications while on-the-move over a wide range of operational conditions and can be ordered with an Inertial Measurement Unit. The modular design of the terminal allows it to be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Product Details

  • Reliable high data rate satellite communications
  • Superior link availability and performance over a wide range of operational conditions
  • Interchangeable RF payloads provide maximum operational flexibility, including Ku, Ka MIL and Ka Commercial
  • The RF payload interchange can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes after radome is removed.
  • Leverages a wide range of commercially available modem systems
  • Modular design enhances maintainability and minimizes life cycle cost
  • Lightweight, low profile design with all RF Components on Elevation Payload for high efficiency RF Tx/Rx
  • Antenna includes the antenna positioner, servo controller, tracking receiver, block up and down-converters and high efficiency solid state power amplifier all contained on the pedestal with interface for Power, Ethernet and L-Band Tx/Rx interface to Modem