Guards at the Tactical Edge

Secure Cross Domain Transfer for Any Mission

In today’s warfighting, networks are pushed to the tactical edge.

The Problem: Most current cross domain technology is not adapted for these tactical environments.

The Solution: General Dynamics’ family of cross domain guard products offers three unique implementation options on one architecture.

General Dynamics Cross Domain Guard Products:

  • Move authorized data between networks at different classification levels or domains
  • Utilize Secure Enhanced Linux® (SELinux) as a trusted computing base
  • Conform to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) precepts

Product Details

CrossingGuard XD

Guards at the Tactical Edge - Virtualized Guard

General Dynamics' CrossingGuardTM XD enables users to transfer data between security domains. These security domains are represented by Virtual Machines (VMs) within a single computer. While in this virtualized environment, users can simultaneously view and access multiple security levels, operating systems and domains from a single computer, eliminating the need for multiple computers. This means significant cost savings associated with IT equipment, network infrastructure, labor, space, weight and power improving operational and environmental efficiencies