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SATCOM Technologies

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is a global leader in satellite and wireless communications for video, voice and data. SATCOM offers a wide range of products and services for base station and earth station communications, VSAT antennas and antenna systems, and wireless backhaul infrastructure.

On the Cutting Edge: SATCOM Technologies


SATCOM Technologies designs, produces and installs a full line of antennas, controls, power drive units, tracking down converters and receivers, and control systems for applications that range all the way up to the largest and most powerful antennas in the world. Our on-the-move satellite technology offers robust voice and data wideband satellite communications for vehicles in motion over rough terrain.


We provide a wide range of solutions that range across video, voice and data for commercial, government, military and scientific applications. While many companies offer various elements of satellite communications, SATCOM Technologies provides the full spectrum of satellite ground communications products, systems engineering, project integration and installation services. We do so for some of the most complex SATCOM related projects in the world.