D-VEX Motion Imagery Processing & Exploitation Software


From the command centre to the tactical edge, the D-VEX video platform is a force multiplier for operators and intelligence analysts. Built to support the demanding requirements of real-time operations, D-VEX reduces the time and challenge of accessing and acting on mission-critical data. With a streamlined suite of tools to search, process, analyse and archive full-motion video, D-VEX can truly transform the way ISR units and intelligence units operate.

Note: D-VEX is for Australian and International Customers.
For U.S. Customers, please visit the TAC-MAAS product.



  • Scalable video and metadata recording and import
  • Conversion to STANAG 4609 / NGA MISP compliant data
  • Video remediation and normalization without transcode
  • Chat room indexing
  • Video switching and re-broadcast



  • Low latency video display with instant replay
  • Event and location-based navigation
  • Synchronous multi-display
  • Smooth playback from frame-step through to 32x
  • Video enhancement filters
  • On-screen distance and area measurement
  • Configurable Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Moving map displays
  • Graphical video and snapshot annotation
  • Automated Moving Target Indicator (MTI)



  • Search archive by geo-location, time and keyword
  • Search user tags and intelligence products
  • Compare current view with historical imagery



  • Tag and describe events of interest
  • Store and link video with intel products and reports
  • Export and sync data between systems



  • Extract and publish geo-registered snapshots and video clips
  • Export geo-location information (KMZ)
  • Export mission and contextual data
  • Create Powerpoint presentations and briefings


D-VEX complements existing ground control and mission planning software by providing operators of ISR platforms with easy-to-use tools to derive, manage and distribute critical intelligence from the full motion video gathered, for immediate tactical advantage. 

Improve situational awareness

D-VEX helps operators gain better situational awareness and ensures critical events are not overlooked by providing low latency video display, instant replay and moving map.

Instant access enables fast reporting

D-VEX supports Phase 0 and Phase 1 imagery analysis, providing tools to allow operators to exploit live imagery and to communicate intelligence as situations develop, using map chips and georeferenced images.

Automated Target Indication

Automated target indication from Sentient Vision Systems (Kestrel Land MTI and Kestrel Maritime)* makes it easier for analysts to detect, analyze and report on targets and events.

Retain mission-critical knowledge

D-VEX maximises the value extracted from surveillance imagery by providing a searchable, geo-referenced video library in which collected video can be archived and retained for immediate retrieval. The gaining of deeper insights into your operational area is accelerated with end-to-end data management and search functionality that condenses thousands of hours of mission data and assists the authoring of post-flight intelligence products.

Ground-based video replay

D-VEX provides a ground-based, off-platform replay system for multi-channel flight recorders and tactical computers. D-VEX complements existing on-platform systems with efficient on-the-ground analysis, reporting, cataloguing and archiving capabilities.

Perform detailed post-mission event analysis

D-VEX provides Phase 2 and Phase 3 post-mission imagery exploitation and reporting. It allows operators to instantly search for and retrieve the precise event of interest out of thousands of hours of collected video.

Create reports for timely information sharing

D-VEX accelerates the generation of mission presentations, efficiently condensing hours of flight time into minutes of actionable intelligence using highlight videos, snapshots, map chips and annotations.

Facilitate training and mission lessons

Imagery from every mission can be returned for assessment and training purposes, used for informing new arrivals and ensuring valuable field experience doesn’t disappear with every troop rotation.

Ensure retention of video evidence

Keep video and metadata from every mission in long-term storage for on-going investigations, event and location cross referencing and legally mandated archiving requirements.


D-VEX Video Exploitation ImageThe most pressing challenge facing video analysts is how to efficiently process and manage the large volumes of video imagery collected from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and surveillance aircraft. Without effective tools, critical information can be overlooked and post mission analysis and reporting is time consuming.

D-VEX accelerates the intelligence processing workflow with essential real-time and forensic video exploitation and data management tools. With the ability to synchronize and transfer mission data between systems, D-VEX solves data management problems for military, government, public safety and commercial ISR operations.



D-VEX Video Exploitation Image

D-VEX Fits into multiple ISR Imagery Workflows

D-VEX has an operationally proven track record and boasts demonstrated plug and play interoperability with STANAG 4609/NGA MISP compliant manned and unmanned ISR platforms. D-VEX has low training and operational support requirements delivering a cost effective solution for leveraging intelligence from airborne sensor imagery.

 D-VEX Motion Imagery PED Software Datasheet

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Supported Standards and Formats

STANAG 4609 / NGA Motion Imagery Standard Profile (MISP) compliant Standards 0902, 0601, 0102, 0604, 0903 and EG 0104
ESD Carried in Closed Caption fields (Line-21) 
AVC (H.264) Base, Main & High Profile
HEVC (H.265) Main and Main 10 Profile
MPEG-2 Main and 4:2:2 Profile
MPEG-1 & 2 Layer-I and II

Supported Features

View up to 9 video channels in multi-display*
Recording and storage
Record up to 30 HD video streams simultaneously per server*
mIRC chat ingest
Archive stores up to 100,000 hrs of video data
Mapping Clients
Google Earth™
WMS Map Servers
Automated Target Detection
Automated Target Detection (sold separately)

Minimum System Requirements

Supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.  Also supports Windows Server 2012
Graphics cards must support OpenGL® version 1.5. (NVIDIA® cards recommended)
RAM Needed: 8GB minimum

* depending on hardware and license