Uncooled Short- to Mid-Range Thermal Camera

The U-80 dual-field-of-view thermal camera provides real-time situational awareness and uninterrupted surveillance of critical assets. With an integrated uncooled thermal sensor and continuous zoom electro-optical camera, the U-80 is a compact, versatile solution for day or night surveillance.

  • Uncooled 8-14μm Infrared Sensor
  • 21.3° & 5.4° Fields-of-View
  • Multiple Color Palette

Product Details

The U-80 is easily integrated into existing systems and provides easy-to-use push button interaction. Sealed in a ruggedized housing and protected with an environmental coating, this system offers reliable imaging in the harshest conditions. The optical system is equipped with an automatically controlled defroster and a proprietary diamond-like hard carbon coating. Additional features include:
  • Uncooled 8-14μm Infrared Sensor
  • 21.3° & 5.4° Fields-of-View
  • Multiple Color Palettes
  • Environmentally Sealed Ruggedized Design
  • Auto and Manual Focus
  • Remote Controlled

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U-80 Dual FOV Thermal Camera Datasheet



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Video Format




Serial Interface




Power Requirements


5-15 VDC <5 watts typical @ steady state, 25°C


Environmental Unit sealed and dry nitrogen backfilled, rated IP67
Front Element Defroster
Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +60°C
Non-Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +71°C
Controls Controls available on a hand held pendant or through a PC via an RS-232/422 link 




Mounting 1/4-20 Mounting Interface


~15 lbs. (~6.8kg)


Length 12.9” (32.8cm)