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General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is the world’s leading end-to-end provider of ground-based satellite communications products and high precision scientific terminals and services. For over 30 years we have provided operators with reliable RF electronics for modern earth stations to close the link. We continuously strive to improve and develop new innovative products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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Antenna Amplifiers & Converters

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Characterizing SSPA Linearity Whitepaper

Perhaps the most important performance parameter for high power amplifiers (HPA) used in SATCOM applications is the ability to amplify signals with minimal added distortion. Distortion is present to some degree in every type of power amplifier, and results from nonlinear amplification as the output level generated by the HPA increases.

This paper describes and defines several key methods for characterizing amplifier nonlinearity, and presents the linear performance capability for General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies’ new generation, GaN-based, 1100W Ku-Band ModuMAX SSPA system based on those methods.

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Hot-Swappable - Top Gun Amplifiers

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' ModuMAX high power amplifiers have provided exceptional reliability with the simplest plug-and-play, fully hot-swappable designs available in satellite uplink service for more than 15 years. The patented ModuMAX modular design keeps carriers on the air even during maintenance or module degradation. This remarkable field performance is backed up by hundreds of thousands of hours of operation for many of the world's largest satellite uplinkers. Since the first ModuMAX HPAs were fielded, General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies has worked to take advantage of the best available RF, digital, and semiconductor technology to enhance the already superior ModuMAX performance.


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Solutions to Fit Any Application

We provide a complete suite of standard products to fit any application. However we understand that often times one product does not meet all of your requirements. In addition to our standard products we can provide customized products to accommodate your specific needs.

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Customer Care is SATCOM Technologies' initiative to provide superior customer satisfaction in all areas of our operations. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you with finding the right answers to your questions about our products and services.

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