Disciplined Program Management requires diverse management and technical competence for large and small projects alike. At SATCOM Technologies highly qualified program managers have overall responsibility for the execution of the project and serve as the customer's single point of contact.

SATCOM Technologies approach to program management employs only proven management practices. Highly qualified teams led by experienced and technically competent program managers create close customer working relationships to provide full visibility of progress, achievements, and problems. SATCOM Technologies long-standing reputation for success-oriented program management is based on a corporate understanding that an orderly approach is needed for each program task.

SATCOM Technologies' program managers execute each project through a process that is based on thorough task analysis and realistic planning. The methodical execution of each task supports the process of generating regular status reports and adherence to schedule. Full documentation of all work allows the team to be responsive to customer requirements, track change orders and prepare periodic task reviews. SATCOM Technologies' program managers make full use of efficient, modern, computerized project control systems to measure progress and ensure schedule and cost control.