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SATCOM Solutions


SATCOM Technologies provides a full range of training options that include classroom training as well as hands-on operation of equipment and systems. Our integrated training programs reinforce formal or theoretical training with practical training. Practical training serves to bridge the student's experience from the theoretical to the practical and also serves to reinforce the original formal classroom training.


General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies offer expertise in the emerging Ka-Band applications. Our highly trained engineering team has experience with Ka-Band products ranging from antennas, both large and small aperture, to feeds, filters, drive systems and highly sophisticated RF electronics.

Technical Services

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' Technical Services Group is committed to providing the Satellite Communications market with high quality, professional services in the installation, testing, retrofit, refurbishment and maintenance areas.

Antenna Feed Retrofits

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies provides a wide selection of off-the-shelf components assembled to meet your requirements. Feeds are available in all frequency bands, stretching from L- through Ka-Band and combinations thereof, for all reflector type. We have a vast library of existing feeds that can further be augmented with options including multi-band operation, high power handling, low PIM compliance, TE21 monopulse tracking, and feed-internal linear polarization vector adjustment for LP feeds.