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SATCOM Solutions

Solutions Capabilities

Satellite Communications is the medium of choice for global distribution and reception of video, voice and data for commercial, government, military and scientific applications. While many companies offer various elements of satellite communications, only General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies provides the full spectrum of satellite ground communications products, systems engineering, project integration and installation services.

Satcom Infrastructure

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is one of the leading providers of systems engineering, communications products, and engineering services for global satellite communications services. Due to our unique ability to draw upon our substantial product and engineering resources, SATCOM Technologies is better positioned than any other supplier to design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain earth stations for distribution of video, voice and data worldwide.

Scientific Products

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies produces scientific products such as optical telescopes, large radio telescopes, radar antennas and precision pointing structures for a variety of applications.


General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies serves military markets, both U.S. and foreign, with a broad line of military products.


General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies offer expertise in the emerging Ka-Band applications. Our highly trained engineering team has experience with Ka-Band products ranging from antennas, both large and small aperture, to feeds, filters, drive systems and highly sophisticated RF electronics.

Technical Services

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' Technical Services Group is committed to providing the Satellite Communications market with high quality, professional services in the installation, testing, retrofit, refurbishment and maintenance areas.