SATCOM Technologies' Products Ready-to-Go (RTG) is a streamlined process to get our most reliable, field-tested and standard products shipped to our customers within 30 days of order acceptance. Included in our RTG product offerings are control systems, popular fixed antennas in C- and Ku-band, VSAT antennas and their mounts also in C- and Ku-band and select electronic products including Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), Low Noise Block Down Converters (LNBs) and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) in C- and Ku-band.


SATCOM Technologies' most popular fixed antennas are field-proven standards of excellence for transit/receive or receive-only applications.

The 4.8-Meter RTG antenna offers exceptional performance for C- through Ka-band with standard configurations that are FCC, ITU-580, Anatel, MILSTD-188-164 and ARSTRAT/WGS compliant making it suitable for a wide variety of global commercial and military applications.

The Model 6.3-Meter and Model 7.3-Meter RTG antennas deliver outstanding performance for C- through Ku-band frequencies.

Tactical Terminals

SATCOM Technologies' mobile antennas are lightweight, compact and designed for worldwide transmission and reception in Ku-band. The units, comprised of a single-piece, carbon-fiber composite reflector mounted on a cable drive, elevation-over-azimuth positioner, offer exceptionally low sidelobe and cross polarization performance that are well within Intelsat and Eutelsat requirements.

RTG models available:

Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT)

Not all high wind, anti-ice, corrosion resistant and motorized VSAT products qualify. Please contact Gary Plunkett, VSAT Sales, at +1-704-462-7340 or via email at for lead times on these items.

  • C-band receive/transmit antennas - all models 1.8-meter through 3.8-meter
  • Ku-band receive/transmit antennas - all models 1.2-meter through 3.8-meter
  • Receive only antennas - all models 1.2-meter through 4.5-meter
  • Ka-band receive/transmit antennas - all 1.2-meter 3122 Series
  • Installation mounts - all models for 1.2-meter through 4.5-meter antennas

Electronic Products

SATCOM Technologies specializes in the design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art electronic products for satellite communications operators worldwide. A number of RF Electronic Products including ModuMAX and QuadMod Solid State Power Amplifiers, Redundant System Controllers, Low Noise Amplifiers and Redundant Low Noise Block Converter Systems in C- and Ku-band are RTG products.

Transit Cases

The 2400 and 2800 Series Rackmount Cases are manufactured from SATCOM Technologies strong GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastic) composite material. GMT's extreme stiffness, lightweight and high impact-absorbing qualities have made it the composite material of choice for impact-absorbing automotive components.

RTG models available:

  • 4RU, 6RU and 8RU
  • Black
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 2 pouches
  • 3” lids with handles
  • 75-100Lb isolator rating
  • Max quantity of 5