General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies offer expertise in the emerging Ka-band applications.

Our highly trained engineering team has experience with Ka-band products ranging from antennas, both large and small aperture, to feeds, filters, drive systems and highly sophisticated RF electronics.

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Feeds and Filters

Our Torrance Facility produces precision microwave components for the telecommunication, space, and defense industries. Our products include a variety of standard antenna feed components in addition to custom designed and fabricated radio frequency components. Our standard product line of diplexers, ortho-mode transducers (OMTs), polarizers, and feed networks. Our design engineering capability and manufacturing processes are uniquely suited to address developing trends in satellite communications toward higher operating frequencies and wider bandwidths.


Drive Systems

  • Steptrack, Program Track and Monopulse
  • Low Cost for User Terminals
  • Step Track from 2 meter through 8 meter apertures
  • Proven Monopulse to larger than 25 meters in diameter
  • Monitor & Control Systems fully networked and suited to geographic redundancy


RF Electronics

  • Block Downconverters
  • Block Upconverters
  • Synthesized L-Band Converters
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • High Power Amplifiers > 50 watts in Solid State