Fully Automated Quick Deploy Terminal

The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies uPak C060QDA is an integrated and compact, fully automated quick deploy terminal that provides a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data transmissions.

  • Provides a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data transmissions
  • Compact size enables easy transportation via a single checked bag on an airline or in a rucksack for remote field operations
  • Fully automated acquisition
  • Ruggedized and weatherproof to withstand harsh environments


Product Details


With single button operation the unit can be used by anyone with little or no training. The uPak C060QDA is lightweight and extremely portable, designed to be transported as checked baggage on an airline or in a rucksack for remote field operations. The system offers a high gain, for more throughput and enables C060QDA to transmit in less than optimal conditions.

  • High performance 60cm parabolic segmented antenna
  • Fully automated acquisition
  • Integrated modem
  • One box, rucksack or rugged carry case
  • Weatherproof to IP65
  • MIL STD 810G compliant
  • Ka, Ku and X band
  • Also available with flat panel antenna
  • ITAR free



Ka Band - Operating band: Tx Band 29.5-31GHz, Rx 18.7GHz to 21.2GHz
- EIRP(SAT)@30.0GHz: 53.3dBW
- G/T @ 19.7GHz: 15.2dB/K
- Transmit Gain: 42.3dBi
- Polarization: RHCP switchable to LHCP (Rx orthogonal to Tx) Linear (Option)
Ku Band - Operating band: Tx Band 13.75GHz to 14.5GHz, Rx Band 10.95GHz to 12.75GHz
- EIRP(SAT)@14.15GHz: 50.2dBW
- G/T @ 11.85GHz: 14.4dB/K
- Transmit Gain: 36.2dBi
- Polarization: Linear (H/V), Rx orthogonal to Tx
X Band - Operating band: TTx band 7.9GHz to 8.4GHz, Rx Band 7.25GHz to 7.75GHz
- EIRP(SAT)@8.15GHz: 44.3dBW
- G/T @ 7.5GHz: 9.7dB/K
- Transmit Gain: 31.8dBi
- Polarization: RHCP switchable to LHCP (Rx orthogonal to Tx)
Antenna Segmented 60cm parabolic
MODEM Options Available - Direct, Comtech, SkyWAN, Proteus, Paradise, external L-Band interface
2 x Wired Ethernet RJ45
Mil 188-114A (Modem Specific) 26W Amphenol 62GB-12E-16-26S
L-Band Rx monitor N-Type
L-Band Tx Modem Output N-Type
L-Band Tx Input N-Type
AC Input (90-260V)
DC Input (11-36V)
Operating Range El: 0 to +90°, Az: ± 200°, Pol: ± 95°
Terminal User Interface - Simple to operate embedded PC based GUI system
Satellite Acquisition Automatic via modem lock and/or beacon receiver with manual override
Remote Interface Laptop PC, connected with wired Ethernet
Input Voltage Range 90 to 260VAC (50/60Hz) or 11 to 36VDC
Temperature Range - Operational: -20° to +55°C
Wind Loading - Operational: 28mph (45kph)
- Survival: 55mph (90kph)
Ingress Protection specification IP65
Humidity, Shock and Vibration (operational): MIL-STD-810G
Packaging Single IATA compliant case
Weight 23kg, 50.7lbs
External dimensions 774mm (L) x 470mm (W) x 336mm (H), 30.5” x 18.5” x 13.2”



  • Control of the antenna is via the on board computer, which provides full auto point, auto acquisition and tracking functionality.
  • A simple one-button push will deploy the antenna and it will search and acquire the relevant satellite with no input from the operator.
  • Built into the C060QDA is the bespoke software package, designed specifically to ensure pointing and tracking is fast and accurate.