Small Deployable Antennas

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is pleased to introduce its new line of small, deployable antenna terminals. The new product family includes ManPak® flyaway terminals and the uPak® and uPod® quick deploy terminals. The terminals are lightweight, rugged and easy-to-use and deploy. They are available in a variety of reflector sizes and are BUC, LNB and modem agnostic which allows the user to choose which configuration they want when ordering. In addition the new terminals are IATA compliant which makes them easy-to- transport and allows them to be checked luggage on commercial flights.


ManPak Next Generation Flyaway Terminals

SATCOM Technologies' innovative ManPak C100FM/FA and ManPak CM060FM/FA SATCOM Terminals are lightweight and fit into IATA compliant cases making them easy-to-transport and allows them to be checked luggage on a commercial flight. The completely waterproof and rugged design of the terminal enables operation in the most challenging conditions - from war zones to on-the-scene news-gathering. ManPak terminals are available in 60cm - 1.0m reflector sizes and feature manual or automated satellite acquisition and an award-winning graphical user interface. In addition the ManPak line is fully interchangeable allowing for versatility.


uPak Quick Deploy Terminals

uPak terminals are available in both manual and motorized versions and provide a high bandwidth connection to enable high speed data transmissions. With single button operation, the unit can be used by anyone with little or no training. uPak terminals are lightweight and extremely portable, designed to be transported as checked baggage on an airline or in a rucksack for remote field operations. The system offers high gain, for more throughput and enables transmission in less than optimal conditions.