PRC-154A Rifleman Radio

Our Rifleman Radio Extends The Network Down To The Individual Soldier Like No Radio Ever Before.

With the PRC-154A Rifleman Radio's voice service and embedded GPS for position location information, individual soldiers can keep touch with the entire platoon and have their position known by other soldiers connected to the network. The Rifleman acts the way a cell tower would, giving soldiers the ability to view maps and position location of other soldiers in the unit, text, take pictures and video with the end-user device and send it to the rest of the platoon through the radio.

  • The smallest Secret and Below networking handheld radio
  • Can be used by any squad member on the battlefield, regardless of security clearance
  • Enhances situational awareness on the battlefield with On-The-Move self-forming networks

Product Details


The PRC-154A Rifleman Radio provides situational awareness at all levels of the battlefield, allowing voice, data, and GPS information to move seamlessly across the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) network. Suitable as a body worn device or with vehicular applications, such as the Sidewinder Vehicle Mount, the Rifleman Radio is the one common thread that ties everyone to the battlefield network.

  • Leaders can automatically track and assess riflemen GPS locations and other vital situational information.
  • Keeps all levels of the battlefield informed by sending voice, data, and GPS information seamlessly across the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) network
  • Connects every warfighter to the combat network, emphasizing safety and enabling enhanced SA and better decisions at the very edge of the battlefield
  • Secret or Sensitive-but-Unclassified communication for leaders or squad members in a single Non-Cryptographic Controlled Item (non-CCI) radio
  • Operates with the PRC-155 2-channel Manpack radios for the ability to route to other systems
  • Enough battery life to last an entire mission

Available Now via GSA Contract

GSA Order: GS-35F-0060N
Schedule #70 • SIN 132-8



PRC-154A Rifleman Radio Datasheet



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Frequency Range 225-450MHz, 1250-1390MHz, 1755-1850MHz
Size < 32 cu. in. with battery and antenna
7.5”h x 2.5”w x 1.7”d
Communication Range > 2 km (depending on environment)
Transmit Power Selectable up to 5.0W
Weight 1.69 lbs (with battery)
0.95 lbs (without battery)
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature: -40° to +55° C
Storage Temperature: -51° to +71° C
Immersion: 2m
GPS Integral GPS and antenna
External SAASM interface
Programmable Channels 50 presets, 3 talk groups per preset
Waveforms/Modes of Operation Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW), Future Waveforms
JTRS Compliance/APIs Yes
Interfaces Supported Standard Headset (H-250)
Nett Warrior
Data Rate SRW data modes supported
Operational Battery Life > 9 Hrs
Situational Awareness Supports rugged and commercial displays
Interfaces to computer devices such as a Universal Applications Product (UAP)
Supports Nett Warrior software applications
Programmable COMSEC & TRANSEC Type 1
Type II