LongArm Remote Control Software

Remote Control Software For Air Traffic Control Radios

LongArm is a modular, stand alone remote control system designed to provide single or multiple workstation control. The LongArm environment consists of suites of pluggable applications, coupled with a powerful engine that provides common functions and communications. The result is a flexible remote control system that provides the control capabilities needed today, that can grow to meet tomorrow’s needs.

  • Virtual control of remote radios
  • Simultaneous support of multiple radios
  • Support for multiple communications media, including direct connection, Ethernet, microwave, and phone lines
  • Multiple operators have coordinated control over many or all radios attached to the LongArm system

Product Details


The LongArm control system is a combination of hardware and software that supports an almost unlimited number of attached assets. The LongArm control system can be configured with up to hundreds of control stations. The control station provides the ability to configure, control, and monitor the remote equipment through a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface.

  • Remote maintenance and monitoring lets you support an almost unlimited number of radios from one location. The LongArm control system works with Windows NT® or Windows XP® and is compatible with the most widely used commercial hardware and software.
  • Constantly and simultaneously control and monitor many radios using an intuitive graphical interface. Even if a radio is thousands of miles away, you can control as if it were right in front of you.
  • Buy less and reduce costs — using suites of applications to control your software, you can choose just how much you need to control the radios. By giving operators control of multiple devices and the ability to provide off-site maintenance, you can reduce your overall costs.
  • Easily add control for new devices. There is no need to send in any of your hardware if you want to add a new device. It can be done on-site with the software.

Technical Information

The LongArm control system is a software package that provides a “generic” system solution for remote control, and supports the CM-300 and URC-200 Series radios. The LongArm control station is a workstation with a standard PC using Windows® operating systems:

  • Windows 2000®
  • Windows NT®
  • Windows XP®
  • Windows 7® (in Windows XP compatibility mode)

LongArm provides integrated, remote control of the CM-300 and URC-200 Series radios, which are directly connected to control stations via serial (RS-232 and RS-422), parallel, or network interfaces. Through these interfaces, LongArm can control and monitor all major features of the radio:

  • Frequency
  • Mode
  • Squelch
  • Power
  • Scan features

Any control station in the LongArm system can control a radio connected to the system:

  • For a small number of radios in a single location, you may require only one control station
  • For numerous radios or radios in multiple locations, utilize multiple control stations

The LongArm Control software handles all of the communications, making the control and monitor interface for local and remote radios identical.

The modular design allows you to add and remove devices and corresponding software suites easily and economically.