CM-400/450 Air Traffic Control Radios

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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The CM-400/450 Series Version 2 radios are the latest additions to the General Dynamics family of Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios. Based on the FAA NEXCOM Segment 2 radio requirements, these rack mounted transmitter and receiver systems are specifically designed to meet the dynamic mission requirements of air traffic control centers, commercial airports, military air stations and range installations.

Product Details


The General Dynamics UHF and VHF Digital Radios deliver more modes and a broader frequency range in a rack mount, passively cooled chassis. Advanced modes, legacy AM voice interoperability, and VoIP facilitate current and future voice and data requirements.

Key Features

  • Multimode Functionality in one Software Defined Radio
  • VHF: AM 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • VHF: 117.975 - 136.975 MHz, optional 112 - 150 MHz
  • UHF: 225 – 399.975 MHz
  • 2 – 50 Watt RF output power
  • Remote control and maintenance capability with built-in test
  • 100% usable receive channels
  • Optional embedded co-site filter
  • Multiple keying and squelch options

Note: The CM-300 Series radios have replaced the CM-200/CM-400 radios. For support on CM-200/400 radios, please contact us at


CM-400/450 (V2) Series Data Sheet



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Frequency Range VHF: 112 –150 MHz
UHF: 225 – 399.975 MHz
Frequency Stability ≤ 1 ppm
Channel Spacing VHF: 25 kHz, 8.33 kHz
UHF: 25 kHz
Modulation VHF: A3E (Voice)
UHF: A3E (Voice)
Power Supply DC power supply: 24 V DC nominal (21.6 – 28.8 V)
AC power supply: 100 – 230 VAC, 47 – 63Hz
Automatic switchover AC-to-DC
Temperature Operating: –10°C to +50°C
Relative humidity: 90% at 40°C (noncondensing)
Storage: –40°C to +70°C
Data Interface Ethernet
Maintenance Local: Ethernet, IPV4
Remote: Ethernet IPV4 DHCP
Comprehensive: BIT, software upload
Setup functions: available on front panel keypad/display
Internal Measurements: Internal voltages, audio levels, Tx output power,
FWD power, REV power, VSWR, Rx AGC voltage, Temperature
Maintenance Data Terminal/Human Machine Interface
Standards ICAO SARPS
ETSI EN 300 676: VHF AM
ETSI EN 302 617: UHF AM
ETSI EN 301 489 (-1/-22)
VHF FCC Cert. IDs MIJCM300V2 - CM-300 (V2) VDT
MIJCM350V2 - CM-350 (V2) VDT