1.2 Meter Quick Deploy Antenna

QDMA, 1126 RD, 1138 QD, 1139QD

The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies lightweight 1.2-meter Quick Deploy antennas are designed for worldwide transmit and receive operation in C, X, Ku and Ka-band. These portable antennas consist of Precision Compression Molded reflectors and stainless steel tripod base mounts. This results in a durable antenna with superior stiffness and high performance under wind loading conditions.



The unique shape and the accurate reflector surface provide good sidelobe and cross-polarization performance. The antenna system is a Series 1139 and the reflector consists of a two-segmented SMC compression molded assembly. Repeatability is maintained with precision registration of the reflector segments and the feed support structure. The 1.2-meter antenna, including the feed, is packaged in three portable cases.

  • Models QDMA, 1126 RD, 1138 QD, 1139QD
  • Precision compression molded offset reflector
  • Stainless steel tripod base mount
  • Transport cases included
  • Two-person assembly in less than 5 minutes
  • Captive hardware/fasteners
  • No tools required
  • Quick adjust positioner

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