EditEngine Desktop

Edit and Repurpose ISR Full Motion Video and Metadata

General Dynamics Mediaware’s EditEngine enables the system integrator and product developer to quickly and effectively add video and metadata processing to their products, including analysis, editing, conversion, extraction and the re-purposing of video and metadata content.

EditEngine delivers a comprehensive range of video and metadata processing capabilities to any ISR desktop or web-based system that works with Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4609 and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP) video and metadata.


EditEngine Desktop is a technology engine for editing and repurposing ISR FMV and metadata. STANAG 4609/NGA MISP compliant, EditEngine Desktop provides frame-accurate editing, transcoding, encoding, metadata multiplexing extraction and re-alignment, frame extraction (save to NITF2.1 and other standard imagery formats) and information functions for integration with single user desktop applications.

EditEngine Control is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application, built using the EditEngine SOAP Application Programming Interface (API), through which EditEngine Desktop can accessed. It provides users with an intuitive means of accessing most of the functionality available to the EditEngine server applications.


EditEngine Control - a user interface for accessing the functionality of EditEngine Desktop

With the amount of Full Motion Video (FMV) ISR data increasing every year, more systems in the exploitation pipeline need to become video and metadata-aware to operate effectively. Systems need to be able to use the information contained in the video and metadata to recognize when and where the video was taken in order to process the data more efficiently.

In some instances the video and/or metadata may need to be converted from one format to another to allow legacy systems to understand newer types of data, or conversely to allow newer systems to understand legacy data.

Systems may want to manipulate the data: to correct the metadata if it was recorded with errors, or to add, remove and modify metadata fields.

To export data, systems may need to strip any CC or KLV metadata from the file, to comply with export rules, or permanently mask out any ‘burn-in’ text and graphics from the sensor or platform.

Often only small subclips of long and tedious missions carry real intelligence value, so these systems may need to be able to export subclips, adding titles or trailers to the beginning and end of these to describe their content.

Adding agency logos or ‘bugs’ into the corners of the video may be required to watermark the footage, signifying the video’s source.

If the target consumer of these subclips has limited access to video codecs, the subclips may need to be transcoded into basic formats such as MPEG-1 or Windows Media Format (WMV).

To meet all of these requirements and more, General Dynamics Mediaware has developed EditEngine. EditEngine has been designed to take advantage of our industry-leading imagery processing capabilities, including a comprehensive SOAP API to allow applications developers to extend their products with all of the functionality outlined above.