Satellite 2019

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Event Information

Date: May 6 - May 9, 2019
Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Stand #1224)

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is covering the spectrum of Satellite Communications ground station support at Satellite 2019 with more than 10 product areas on display ranging from our new EcoForce™ compact amplifiers, flyaway and small deployable antennas, to antenna control systems and GaN-based electronic products.

At Satellite 2019, customers will have the opportunity to see first-hand our wide selection of SATCOM products to meet virtually any requirement. Please stop by and visit us to see what makes us the world’s leading end-to-end provider of satellite communication ground station products and engineering services.


Solutions Featured at Booth #1224


The new EcoForce™ compact amplifiers are revolutionary in size and weight and offer superior performance in an extremely compact package. EcoForce is exceptionally powerful for its size and includes a built-in DC power supply that provides the customer with the simplest and least expensive plug-into-the wall solution. EcoForce features best in-class RF characteristics and extensive monitor and control capabilities enabled via Ethernet, serial and/or analog interfaces. The remarkably small size and low power consumption results in better heat extraction that leads to overall system size and cost reduction making it the ideal candidate for portable, mobile and VSAT on-the-move applications. Its small size and weight allows direct feed horn mounting, which makes it the most economical solution for fixed VSAT applications.

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ManPak®T Flyaway Antennas

Our ManPakT series of lightweight, flyaway products includes 13 tripod terminals with reflectors ranging from 60 to 240-cm. The units include simple manual or automated satellite acquisition, intuitive graphical user interface, and a range of optional extras.

Satcom - Man-PAK Next VSAT Terminals Product Photo


SATCOM Technologies' wide range of high quality, cost-effective Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) products will be featured at Satellite 2018 with a display of receive and transmit feeds and feed horns for C-, Lo-Ku, Ku-Linear and Ka-Band circular polarity. Our VSAT antennas come in a variety of different feeds and sizes to fit any application.

VSAT Antennas


SATCOM Technologies' popular Model 950A Control System (ACS) has recently been upgraded to include optional Monopulse capability. The new control and tracking capability complements SATCOM Technologies' high performance control systems and antenna products. Monopulse tracking offers continuous measurement of total antenna position performance and improved performance in high wind conditions. Through the use of a phase-angle-of-arrival technique, Monopulse delivers the highest performance tracking method available. We've incorporated Monopulse capability in our Model 950A system to extend our high performance tracking options while maintaining a reasonable price.

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The Model 830A Antenna Control System provides precision satellite acquisition and tracking with most mobile, transportable, fixed and flyaway antennas. The Antenna Control Unit (ACU) is the operator interface point for the system and features operator friendly function menus. The 2RU ACU contains all control components including the processor, M&C interface, motor controllers and tracking receiver


SATCOM Technologies' will showcase its market-leading ModuMAX Gallium Nitride (GaN) Solid State Power Amplifier. A revolutionary concept in solid-state power amplifiers, SATCOM Technologies' ModuMAX and QuadMod series eliminates the need for a spare power amplifier or for redundant switchover networks in many satellite earth station applications. ModuMAX SSPAs using GaN-based amplifiers are completely modular RF amplifier systems offering output power of up to 1.8 kilowatts in Ku-Band. Patented technology utilizes handheld hot-swappable, plug-in RF modules, power supplies, and electronic assemblies to maximize performance and minimize downtime in SATCOM systems. An advanced interface and control system allows remote access and operation.

Satcom Electronic Products - ModuMax

SATCOM Technologies' new LKKC20125.0001 wideband Ka-Band Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers are specially designed for satellite earth station and other telecommunications applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art HEMT and GaAs MMIC technology, this 17.7-21.2 GHz amplifier has been designed for both fixed and transportable applications. The noise temperature specification is guaranteed over the full bandwidth of the LNA and measured using a cryogenic hot/cold load test setup.

Satcom - Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifier


General Dynamics' new Modular Block Converter (MBC), offered in C and Ku-Bands, is leading the industry for reliability and ease-of-use. The MBC features quick and easy 'Hot Swappable' modules for all critical components including converters and its power supply. Designed to be a reliable, intelligent, and effortless solution, the MBC has several unique features including:

  • High-performance, low phase-noise, block conversion while utilizing a modular architecture
  • Front-accessible modules make maintenance effortless and eliminate system complexity
  • A user-friendly, modern design features simple interfaces, remote monitor and control ability and virtual upgrade and support services
  • The MBC's flexible, redundant system applications accommodate single-threaded 1:1 and 1:2 system configurations all in a two rack-unit chassis
Satcom - Modular Block Converter (MBC) System Ku-Band Product Photo