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Mobile Communications Terminals, Control Systems and Electronic Products Highlight General Dynamics Display at IBC 2018

SATCOM Fortress Deployable

New! Fortress Wireless and SATCOM Deployable Kit

Also new at IBC this year will be a display of the Fortress Wireless and SATCOM Deployable Kit.

The combination of the Fortress Quad-band LTE eNodeB (RN2402) with the SATCOM Technologies ManPak T antenna provides spectrum agility for an 'All-in-One' last mile remote wireless communications solution.

The lightweight, but durable kit is ideal for remote areas with limited backhaul accessibility where terrestrial communications do not exist. The kit provides or extends last mile wireless coverage up to 10km, enabling broadband connectivity for user equipment including smartphones and sensors. The rugged, lightweight kit is easy to transport, use and set up and can be quickly deployed anywhere in the world including harsh outdoor enviornments. The kit is available in multiple configurations and can be customized to fit a wide variety of applications.


Model C140M Mobile Ku-Band Antenna

General Dynamics' small terminal SATCOM display will also include an exhibit featuring the Model C140M Mobile Ku-Band Antenna.

The lightweight 1.40-meter mobile antenna is a compact design for worldwide transmit and receive operation up to Ka-band. This transportable antenna consists of a single-piece carbon fiber composite reflector mounted on a cable drive elevation-over-azimuth positioner. This results in a low-weight antenna with superior stiffness and high performance under wind loading conditions.

The state-of-the-art design provides exceptionally low sidelobe and cross-polarization performance, well within INTELSAT and EUTELSAT requirements.

The complete antenna system can be interfaced with most lightweight vehicle structures for the purpose of mobile SNG applications.

Satcom - On-The-Move Header Image


General Dynamics' SATCOM On-the-Move (SOTM) product line provides proven, high data rate, reliable Ku, Ka-Mil, Ka-Com and X-Band satellite communications while on-the-move in a variety of aperture sizes. Leveraging a combination of integral tracking receiver, gryo stabilization and inertial measurement unit, SOTM terminals provide vital access to voice, video and data in areas where terrestrial communication systems have been damaged, overwhelmed or simply don't exist. And while these terminals are sensitive enough to accurately receive satellite communications while on-the-move, they are also rugged enough to perform in the most challenging environments.

All General Dynamics SOTM products share a legacy of proven, reliable performance on hundreds of aircraft, ships, fast boats and a variety of military wheeled and tracked vehicles, including HMMWV, Bradley and Stryker and a variety of commercial vehicles.

General Dynamics' SATCOM Technologies Fourth Generation design architecture included in the newest Model 20 series (M20-M24) builds upon the Company's best-in-class features including gyro stabilization, point and track operational modes, interchangeable RF payloads, direct-drive antenna motors, and a simple L-Band interface which is modem agnostic. In addition, the Gen IV improvements include increased MTBF, reduced weight and an improved air-to-air heat exchanger that can be used for both ground and maritime applications with no further modifications.

9.2 Meter KXKA Medium Fixed Antenna

9.2 Meter KXKA Antenna

Combining high performance and quality components, SATCOM Technologies' new 9.2-Meter KX Antenna delivers the best qualities of Ka-Band antenna capability mounted on its cost effective and durable kingpost pedestal. The 9.2-Meter KX Antenna is an antenna/pedestal combination that delivers world-class Ka-Band transmit and receive performance with superior and reliable antenna control.

  • Cassegrain 4-Port Tx/Rx Circular feed with optional TE21 tracking coupler (monopulse)
  • High precision Ka-Band Panels
  • Steel back-up structure painted white, closed for anti-icing option
  • Large working platform with access via stairway / handrails and electric hoist to ground
  • Large 9 ft hub with roll-up, lockable hub access door
Satcom - Model 930A Antenna Control System

Economical Satellite Tracking

The Model 830A Antenna Control System provides precision satellite acquisition and tracking with most mobile, transportable, fixed and flyaway antennas. The Antenna Control Unit (ACU) is the operator interface point for the system and features operator-friendly function menus. The 2RU ACU contains all control components including the processor, M&C interface, motor controllers and tracking receiver.

  • Designed for Transportable and Fixed Antennas
  • Steptrack and Pointing Modes
  • Dual Touch-Screen Color
  • Easy-to-Operate
  • GPS, Flux Gate Compass, Inclinometer Interface
  • Configurable to Multiple Antennas
Satcom - Model 930A Antenna Control System

Model 930A Antenna Control System

SATCOM Technologies' latest Antenna Control System, the Model 930A, offers economical satellite tracking and control. It is ideally suited for single AC fixed antennas and includes an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), Internal Tracking Receiver (TRU) and a Power Drive Unit (PDU). The Model 930A is the intended replacement for the Company's long-standing Model 7134 Antenna Controller and is backwards compatible with the reliable Model 7150 Power Drive Units.


Satcom - Model 950A Antenna Control System

Model 950A Antenna Control System with Monopulse Capability

SATCOM Technologies' popular Model 950A Control System (ACS) has recently been upgraded to include optional Monopulse capability. The new control and tracking capability complements SATCOM Technologies' high performance control systems and antenna products.

Monopulse tracking offers continuous measurement of total antenna position performance and improved performance in high wind conditions. Through the use of a phase-angle-of-arrival technique, Monopulse delivers the highest performance tracking method available.

SATCOM Technologies' Model 950A ACS can be used with almost any limited motion antenna for precision satellite tracking applications. The system comprises an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), Tracking Receiver Unit (TRU) and a Power Drive Unit (PDU) which are linked via dedicated Ethernet connections and optional Monopulse scan plate. This provides flexibility in locating the key system components allows for variable separation distances and provides immunity to electrical ground plane transients.

Satcom Electronic Products - ModuMax

ModuMAX GaN SSPA Systems - Ku-Band

The Company will showcase its market-leading ModuMAX Gallium Nitride (GaN) Solid State Power Amplifier. A revolutionary concept in solid-state power amplifiers, SATCOM Technologies' ModuMAX and QuadMod series eliminates the need for a spare power amplifier or for redundant switchover networks in many satellite earth station applications. ModuMAX and QuadMod SSPAs using GaN-based amplifiers are completely modular RF amplifier systems offering output power of up to 1.8 kilowatts in Ku-Band. Patented technology utilizes handheld hot-swappable, plug-in RF modules, power supplies, and electronic assemblies to maximize performance and minimize downtime in SATCOM systems. An advanced interface and control system allows remote access and operation.

Satcom - Modular Block Converters Electronic Product

Modular Block Converter (MBC) Available for either C or Ku-Band

General Dynamics' new Modular Block Converter (MBC), offered in C and Ku-Bands, is leading the industry for reliability and ease-of-use. The MBC features quick and easy 'Hot Swappable' modules for all critical components including converters and its power supply.


Wideband Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifiers

SATCOM Technologies' new LKKC20120.0001 wideband Ka-Band Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers are specially designed for satellite earth station and other telecommunications applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art HEMT and GaAs MMIC technology, this 17.7-21.2 GHz amplifier has been designed for both fixed and transportable applications. The noise temperature specification is guaranteed over the full bandwidth of the LNA and measured using a cryogenic hot/cold load test setup.

Composite Transit Cases

Composite Rack-Mount Transit Cases

Rounding out the General Dynamics's IBC 2018 display will be samples of the Company's 2400 and 2800 Series Rack-Mount Cases. The versatile and tough transit cases provide exceptional equipment protection with the added utility of slide-mounted 19-inch racks. Slide-out 10-inch racks allow unlimited access to electronic equipment during installation, integration and maintenance.

The 2400 and 2800 Series Rack-Mount Cases are manufactured from General Dynamics' strong GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastic) composite material. GMT's extreme stiffness, lightweight and high impact-absorbing qualities have made it the composite material of choice for impact-absorbing components in a number of industries. SATCOM Technologies' GMT case shells provide extraordinary impact resistance and rugged durability at temperature ranges exceeding -65°F to +185°F.

Designed to be lightweight and durable, the 2400 and 2800 Series Rack-Mount Cases meet or exceed all MIL-STD-810F performance testing for electronic enclosures to withstand the effects of the harshest environments.

The General Dynamics 2400 and 2800 Series Rack-Mount Cases provide excellent shock and vibration protection for electronic equipment of all types. Maximum sway space inside the enclosure provides the utmost attenuation of impact energy and unequaled shock and vibration protection.

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