IBC 2017

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Date: September 14 - September 19, 2017
Location: RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

General Dynamics Mission Systems will showcase its latest SATCOM Technologies, Fortress® Wireless and Cineflex high performance camera system products during IBC 2017 September 14-19th, 2017 at Amsterdam RAI.

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SATCOM Solutions Featured at Booth #1.A41

ModuMAX GaN SSPA Systems Ku-Band

A revolutionary concept in solid-state power amplifiers, the ModuMAX series eliminates the need for a spare power amplifier or for redundant switchover networks in many satellite earth station applications. ModuMAX SSPAs using Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based amplifiers are completely modular RF amplifier systems offering output power of up to 3 kilowatts in Ku-Band. Patented technology utilizes hot-swappable, plug-in RF modules, power supplies, and electronic assemblies to maximize performance and minimize downtime in SATCOM systems. An advanced interface and control system allows unprecedented remote access and operation.

Satcom - ModuMAX GaN SSPA Systems, Ku-Band

Model 930A & 950A Control System

The Model 930A and 950A Control Systems can be used with almost any limited motion antenna for precision satellite tracking applications. The systems are comprised of an Antenna Control Unit (ACU), Tracking Receiver Unit (TRU) and a Power Drive Unit (PDU) which are linked via dedicated Ethernet connections. This provides flexibility in locating the key system components, and allows for variable separation distances and provides immunity to electrical ground plane transients.

Satcom - Model 950A Control System Product Photo

Modular Block Converter System

Modular Block Converter (MBC) Systems eliminate the downtime and maximize performance and ease-of-repair by providing fully modular systems for up or down conversion. Leveraging patented technology and field-proven architecture, all of the critical system components are hot-swappable without the removal of power and can be removed from the front of the chassis with the exception of the fan assembly.  Our MBC Systems are available in Ku and C-Band.

Satcom - Modular Block Converter (MBC) System Ku-Band Product Photo

Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifier

LKKC-20120 Ka-Band Ultra Low Noise Amplifier is specially designed for satellite earth station and other telecommunications applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art HEMT and GaAs MMIC technology, this amplifier has been designed for both fixed and transportable applications. The noise temperature specification is guaranteed over the full bandwidth of the LNA, and measured using a cryogenic hot/cold load test setup.

Man-PAK™ Next Generation Flyaway & Quick Deploy VSAT Terminals

The innovative Man-PAK SATCOM Terminals are lightweight, IATA compliant and pack into one robust case making them easy to transport and allowing them to be checked luggage on a commercial flight. The completely waterproof and rugged design allows for operation in even the most challenging conditions - from war zones to on-the-scene news-gathering. The Man-PAK terminals are available in 0.6m - 1.0m reflector sizes and feature manual or automated satellite acquisition and an award-winning graphical user interface.

Satcom - Man-PAK Next VSAT Terminals Product Photo

uPAK®60 Fully Automated Quick Deploy VSAT Terminal

uPak®60 is an integrated and compact, fully automated VSAT terminal that provides a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data transmissions. With single button operation the unit can be used by anyone with little or no training. uPak60 is lightweight and extremely portable, designed to be transported as checked baggage on an airline or in a rucksack for remote field operations. The system offers a high gain, for more throughput and enables uPak60 to transmit in less than optimal conditions.

Satcom - uPAK C060QDM VSAT Terminal Product Photo


Fortress Wireless Solutions Featured at Booth #1.A41

General Dynamics Mission Systems’ Fortress® Wireless solutions deliver rapidly deployable and scalable high-speed wireless access to vital information including real-time video, voice and data using any 3GPP compliant LTE enabled device. Our industry-leading Mesh and 4G LTE products are Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized for outdoor use and customizable for specific frequency bands to fit a variety of mobile applications from tactical deployments, cluttered urban environments and everywhere in between.

Fortress® Wireless Deployable Kits

Fortress Wireless Deployable Broadband Kits provide an easily transportable, all-in-one solution that enables military personnel to quickly establish or extend an LTE or Wi-Fi network anytime, anywhere. These kits are customizable to support both Fortress LTE and Fortress Wi-Fi Mesh configurations to provide wireless ‘always-on’ access to vital information including real-time imagery, voice and data. In addition the kits are ruggedized to operate in the harshest environments.


Cineflex Camera Systems Featured at Booth #1.A41

General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies designs and manufactures high-performance gyro-stabilized camera systems that provide our customers with exceptional clarity, unmatched stability and flexibility. From high-profile sport events such as the Olympics, to award winning documentaries and featured films, Cineflex products are specifically designed and world renowned for their high performance, reliability and versatility. We provide our customers with the market’s latest cutting edge cameras and lenses to enable them to stay in the forefront as technology changes as well as protect their valuable investment.

Cineflex V14RT Camera System

Built on the reliability and performance of the legacy V14 the V14RT offers such features as heavier payload capacity, SPT™, and increased robustness for extreme filming scenarios. The Re-envisioned Cineflex V14 sets a new performance bar and includes:

  • Sony HDC-2000 series, Ikegami HDL and RED Digital Cinema series cameras
  • Best-in-industry digital cinema lenses and a wide array of broadcast lens options
  • More robust structure for heavier payloads and aggressive applications
  • Higher operational air speeds
  • Best in class line of sight stability
  • Futureproofed camera & lens adaptability with Smart Payload Technology™

Smart Payload Technology™ a suite of technologies to keep your Cineflex cutting edge:

  • Unlimited signal bandwidth – you’ll run out of payload volume before signal bandwidth
  • Combines fiber optic and analog video data transmission, advanced data processing and seamless camera and lens integration creating a stabilized platform that offers increased capability as technology advances.
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