GEOINT Symposium 2018

GEOINT Symposium 2018

Event Information

Date: Apr, 23 - Apr, 25 2018

Location: Tampa Convention Center (Booth #1109)


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Exhibit Hall Hours (EST): Monday 10am-5pm, Tuesday 10am-5pm, Wednesday 10am-3pm

General Dynamics is at the forefront of automating the GEOINT environment and integrating intelligence operations. Providing actionable intelligence for the warfighter overseas and natural disaster response teams worldwide, we are committed to providing end-to-end, high performance, open service solutions in support of the GEOINT mission. Serving the DoD, Intelligence, global defense and civilian communities for over 35 years, we deliver mission-focused Motion GEOINT Services, Mission Management, Threat Management, Machine Learning and High Performance Computing solutions.  Click here to register for GEOINT 2018.


Solutions Featured at Booth #1109

General Dynamics is a trusted partner that enables intelligence, defense and law enforcement customers to rapidly and accurately collect, detect, analyze information while deterring threats. We enable our customers to be efficient in their analysis and effective in managing and addressing their mission parameters. We are always innovating and building on our experience to meet the demands of emerging and future technologies. Our solutions empower the intelligence, defense and law enforcement communities to tame and master ever-larger quantities and kinds of information, rapidly translating them into actionable intelligence that enable these organizations to address the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of their data.

Our dedicated team of engineers, subject matter experts and data scientists are organized into four Centers of Excellence. Each center is focused on understanding our customer’s unique mission needs and developing innovative and tailored solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. We do this by creating a collaborative, trusted environment that grows stronger as they address and take on the ever-changing landscape of tomorrow’s challenges.

Multi-INT Correlation – Visitors can watch or participate in capturing information from a video source, performing metadata and video cleanup, extract information using an algorithm, and write the captured information to a database. We will also train the algorithm to improve the accuracy of the captured information.

Augmented GEOINT Reality – Step into the world of augmented reality for GEOINT analysts. You will see the power of GEOINT amplified by augmented reality; the merger of digital and physical into one reality.


Intelligence Systems High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing 

Powers the intelligence community’s Big Data Analytics by increasing computing and platform performance to make contextual and relevant data available faster for decision-makers. By powering Big Data Analytics with High Performance Computing Systems, we address more critical mission requirements, including near-real-time execution of tasks.

Intelligence Systems Mission Management

Mission Management

Enables the current and future state of automated processing, predictive analytics and human-machine collaboration. Our mission management capabilities identify and monitor critical mission events, then integrate and disseminate content and capabilities.

Intelligence Systems Multi-INT


Accelerates the creation of actionable intelligence by providing analysts with greater veracity and contextually relevant data to generate higher value intelligence and employing analytics to alert users when events are likely to occur while also optimizing system performance.

Intelligence Systems Threat Management

Threat Management

Detects, deters and enables defeat of threats by leveraging proven advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our threat management capabilities expand to meet new threats as they emerge, while driving down costs for customers.

GEOINT Whitepaper - Augmented Reality for Motion GEOINT

Augmented Reality For Motion GEOINT Whitepaper

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GEOINT Whitepaper - Evolving High Performance Computing Whitepaper

Evolving High Performance Computing Whitepaper

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GEOINT Whitepaper - Augmented Reality on the Battlefield

Augmented Reality On The Battlefield Whitepaper

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Our Vision for the Future of Motion GEOINT

The volume, variety, and velocity of Motion GEOINT data continues to grow at an exponential rate. Today’s decision makers, analysts, and warfighters need systems that can automatically identify information, provide anticipatory analysis, and broker data, ensuring greater data veracity and delivery of contextually relevant data to generate higher value intelligence and aid decision makers. To learn more about how we view the future of Motion GEOINT, request our “Motion GEOINT 2018 Strategy” whitepaper.


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