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With long-standing relationships with U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the leading aircraft prime contractors, General Dynamics has a proven track record of providing high-performance computing development and high-reliability manufacturing. Chief among our innovative, collaborative accomplishments is our establishment of common platform computing solutions on multiple Naval Aviation platforms, including the F/A-18, AV-8B, V-22 and T-45.


Advanced Mission Computer

General Dynamics' Aircraft Mission Computers are the nerve center of the U.S. Navy’s F/A -18 Super Hornet and the U.S. Marine Corps’ AV-8B Harrier. Our mission computers provide U.S. pilots with the ability to see and control the battlefield with the advanced situational awareness and combat systems control that is necessary to complete their missions.

Data Storage Systems

Our data storage and systems offer a unique solution for archiving and processing mission data and intelligence in real time. These compact, transportable systems are qualified for applications in severe ground mobile environments requiring removable data storage. They are ruggedized to perform in the toughest environments and withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature and altitude. Our data storage systems include:

Secure Avionics

As a leading supplier of cryptography for avionics systems, General Dynamics Mission Systems brings over 40 years of Type 1 system development experience to customer platforms. Our Avionics Systems range from boxes to boards to chips and include some of the most advanced hardware, software and mechanical designs, integrated to meet the community’s high standards for lightweight, low-power, ruggedized components and security.

Digital Stores Management System

Our Digital Stores Management System (DSMS) is a weapons control system enabling the launch and control of modern precision guided weapons. The system provides an immediate improvement to the P-3 Orion and other maritime patrol aircraft by replacing the legacy analog stores management system with a modern digital solution.