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Fortress LTE 80W eNodeB (RN2480)

Connectivity with Certainty

The Fortress® 80W eNodeB (RN2480) is a member of the Fortress LTE family of high performance Evolved Node B (eNodeB) base stations. The RN2480 eNodeB is a high-powered single carrier LTE base station that houses digital baseband and Radio Frequency (RF) circuits in a compact, environmentally hardened enclosure. The small size of the RN2480 makes it ideal for public safety, tactical cellular and private network deployments worldwide.

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Product Details


  • High Power
  • SWaP Optimized - Reduces overall system size, resulting in decreased deployment time and cost
  • Ideal for public safety, tactical cellular and private network deployments worldwide
  • Quickly change pre-configured operating band via software control from management system
  • Waveform Hardening - Enables operation in the presence of deliberate jamming attempts

What Sets Us Apart

  • Compact Design – The RN2480 eNodeB combines digital baseband processing and radio circuits into a compact rugged, water and dust resistant enclosure. The Size Weight and Power (SWaP) optimized design and high performance enable the RN2480 to meet operational requirements using the minimal amount of eNodeB’s, reducing system size, setup time and cost.
  • High Performance – The combination of the high power and compact size of the RN2480 eNodeB allow it to meet any operational requirement using the minimal amount of eNodeBs. This optimization minimizes the system size, reduces deployment and training time and saves cost.
  • Standards Compliant – The RN2480 eNodeB complies with the global 3GPP LTE standards to ensure interoperability with 3GPP compliant User Equipment over the LTE air interface protocols. The RN2480 implements the standard S1 interface to the Mobility Management Entity and Serving Gateway in a 3GPP Evolved Packet Core.
  • Interference Mitigation – The RN2480 eNodeB implements sophisticated real-time algorithm to detect and avoid external interference. This agility allows the RN2480 to coexist with other systems or to respond to deliberate interference or jamming attempts.


LTE 80W eNodeB Datasheet

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RF Power Output

ƒ+49dBm (80W) total (+46dBm (40W) per antenna port)

Antenna Connector Type

ƒƒTwo Tx/Rx 50-ohm 7/16 DIN female
ƒƒTwo Rx only 50-ohm N-type female

Operating Frequency

ƒƒB4: 2210-2155 MHz DL, 1710-1755 MHz UL
ƒƒB7: 2620-2690 MHz DL, 2110-2155 MHz UL
ƒƒB12: 729-746 MHz DL, 699-716 MHz UL
ƒƒB14: 758-768 MHz DL, 788-798 MHz UL
ƒƒB17: 734-746 MHz DL, 704-716 MHz UL
ƒƒB20: 791-821 MHz DL, 832-862 MHz UL
B40: 2300-2400 MHz DL/UL

Bandwidth ƒ1.4MHz, 3MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz and 20MHz
3GPP Compliance ƒ3GPP release 10 (software upgradeable)
Duplex Method FDD or TDD (Band dependent)
Number of Users ƒ256 concurrently connected sessions
Maximum Throughput 140Mbits/s downlink, 51Mbits/s uplink
Backhaul Interface ƒRJ45 SFP for copper Ethernet or fiber SFP
LMT Interface Serial port connection
Power Consumption 300W typical, 450W maximum
Dimension 525mm x 382mm x 225mm (21" x 15" x 9")
Weight 20kg (44 lbs)
Voltage -48V nominal (operating range -36VDC to -72VDC)
Operating Temperature -40 to +55 C (-40 to 131 F)
Water and Dust Proof IP65 (IEC529) and NEMA 4X
Safety EN60950 certified

About General Dynamics Fortress LTE

Ideal for small to large specialized private wireless deployments, Fortress LTE delivers an end-to-end solution providing ‘always on’ high speed network access to vital information including voice, video, data, text and chat using any 3GPP compliant LTE enabled device. Fortress LTE solutions are frequency agile, customizable for specific applications and designed for harsh, permanent or temporary deployments where network access may not be available. Fortress LTE is a cost-effective, single vendor end-to-end solution consisting of:

  • 4G Core Network
  • Radio Access Network (Base Station)
  • User Equipment (UE)