Compact Tactical Full Motion Video Exploitation

When in-theater, warfighters require a deployable, mobile and highly tactical system to capture and manage full motion video (FMV). TAC-MAAS is designed for in-theater operations where ease-of-use and low system overhead are vital. TAC-MAAS offers real-time and near real-time analysis capabilities, providing low latency video display, geospatial situational awareness, video annotation, object tracking and access to critical mission metadata.

  • Tactically focused, single window FMV exploitation
  • Empowers operators and analysts to identify, tag and analyze critical events
  • Ability to export all recorded imagery and intelligence data to enterprise FMV systems such as MAAS®.
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Product Details

With its ability to run on standard x86 hardware, its compact, single screen design, and lightweight software footprint, TAC-MAAS is ideal for highly mobile operators using ruggedized laptops and tablets in tactical environments to include combat vehicles, forward operating bases, ground stations and airborne surveillance platforms.

  • Tactically focused, single window FMV exploitation
  • Fully NGA Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP) and STANAG 4609 compliant
  • Proven and reliable technology; key capabilities have been operationally deployed for over seven years
  • FMV and intelligence uploadable to MAAS® systems
  • Runs on standard x86 hardware including ruggedized laptops and tablets
  • Searchable stored imagery by geo-location, time and keyword
  • Configurable enhancement filters for optimal video interpretation
  • Integrated mapping tools provide situational awareness (FalconView™ or Google Earth™)
  • Re-stream video for real-time dissemination

TAC-MAAS Data Sheet

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Packetization MPEG-2 Transport Stream
MPEG-2 Program Stream
Elementary Stream
Video Formats SD and HD
H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) Main & Base Profile1
MPEG-2 Main and 4:2:2 Profile
Audio Formats MPEG-1 Layer-I and II
MPEG-2 layer-1 and II
Image Formats BMP, PNG, PPM, TIF, JPEG, NITF 2.1
System Requirements Windows® XP, Windows® 7 or Windows® Server 2003 OS
Graphics cards must support OpenGL® version 1.5.
(NVIDIA® cards recommended)
RAM Needed: 1GB minimum