Advanced Viewing Of ISR Motion Imagery

MissionMonitor is an advanced ISR motion imagery viewer which combines high performance playback and video enhancement with integrated metadata and situational awareness tools. As a fully STANAG 4609/NGA MISP* complaint viewer, MissionMonitor can be accredited and installed across military, law enforcement and commercial organizations to enable proficient viewing and interpretation of live, post flight and archived video content. MissionMonitor provides:

  • Incisive imagery review
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Simplified analysis and reporting
  • Reduced user fatigue
  • Standards compliant (STANAG 4609/NGA MISP)

Product Details

MissionMonitor has an operationally proven track record and boasts demonstrated plug and play interoperability with STANAG 4609/NGA MISP compliant manned and unmanned ISR platforms. With its precise player controls, accurate on-screen measurement, snapshot and clip extract publishing tools, MissionMonitor allows users to efficiently view and report on imagery. It supports ultra-low latency decoding, a moving map display and full access to the contextual metadata associated with the video. MissionMonitor plays most ISR video and still imagery formats, is tolerant to data errors, and speeds up reporting and decision making.

Player functions

  • Low latency decoding reduces glass to glass display
  • Frame step, slow mode or up to 32x fast forward or rewind enables large volumes of archived video to be quickly reviewed and processed
  • Precise navigation by time
  • Selectable zoom and pan
  • Integrates with a variety of mapping tool sets
  • Enhancement filters such as contrast enhancement, haze removal and image sharpening

Metadata management

  • Moving map display improves situational awareness
  • Configurable heads-up-display enables platform and sensor telemetry data to be overlaid on the video without permanently obstructing the imagery
  • On-screen measurement of distance, path and area
  • View Video Moving Target Indicator (VMTI MISB ST 0903) detections

Visualiser options

  • Quick platform view
  • View co-ordinates as latitude/longitude, military grid reference system (MGRS) and universal transverse mercator (UTM)

* Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4609 and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) Motion Imagery Standards Profile

MissionMonitor Datasheet


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System Requirements Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1
Graphics cards must support OpenGL® version 1.5. (NVIDIA® cards recommended)
RAM Needed: 4GB minimum
Standards Compliant STANAG 4609 / NGA Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP) compliant, including:
Standards 0902, 0601, 0102, 0604, 0903 and EG 0104
ESD Carried in Closed Caption fields (Line-21)
Packetization MPEG-2 Transport and Program Streams
Video Formats HEVC (H.265) SD/HD 4K Main profile
AVC (H.264) SD/HD Base, Main and High profile
MPEG-2 Main and 4:2:2 Profile
Input Media File
UDP/IP Unicast and Multicast
Image Formats BMP, PNG, PPM, TIF, JPEG, NITF 2.1

Mapping Clients 

Google Earth™
WMS Map Servers