Multi-INT Analysis & Archive System (MAAS)

Scalable Software Suite for Motion Imagery (MI) and Intelligence Exploitation, Dissemination and Archiving

The General Dynamics Multi-INT Analysis and Archive System (MAAS®) provides imagery analysts with a scalable software suite to capture, exploit, disseminate and archive Motion Imagery (MI) and various other multimedia data types. Built on an open architecture and leveraging open and commercial standards, MAAS offers analysts a versatile multimedia environment compatible with open source solutions as well as other exploitation tools.

  • Streaming and capture capabilities that support all-phase analysis
  • Fully searchable Full Motion Video (FMV) and multi-int library
  • A solution scalable from laptops to enterprise architectures
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Product Details

MAAS web capabilities allow authorized users to access data with standard web browsers. MAAS is compatible with the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Integrated Backbone (DIB). Analysts can query, select, retrieve and display products from the DIB. MAAS continues to evolve and is currently moving toward virtual and other webbased capabilities to support future enterprise requirements including Joint Information Environment (JIE) and Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (IC CITE).

  • Streaming and capture capabilities support all-phase analysis and enable operators and decision makers
  • Fast discovery of data supports time dominant activities: Fully searchable FMV and multi-INT library enables analysts to quickly develop actionable intelligence for decision makers
  • Efficient Forensics: Automated services reduce workloads and increase analytic output based on relevant data
  • Frame accurate capture services provide full-frame coverage enabling change detection analysis
  • Scalable from laptops to enterprise architectures
  • Cloud Enabled: Web-based tools allow analysts with standard web browsers to discover and utilize MI data
  • Clipmark to target associations enable target based analysis, key to pattern of life and activity-based intelligence (ABI)
  • Target based analysis capability

MAAS Datasheet

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MI/FMV Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP) standard digitally encoded video
(MPEG2) Transport Stream (TS) with or without KLV metadata
MPEG2 TS with H.264 Elementary Stream
MI/FMV broadcasts with or without metadata
Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) video
Legacy Video MPEG-1
Analog and digital video from handheld recording devices
Hi-8, VHS, S-VHS analog tape
Metadata Formats Key Length Value (STANAG 4609, SMPTE 336M and 335M,
SMPTE RP 217 and ISO/IEC 13818-1:2000/Amendment 1
standards for carrying KLV in MPEG-2)
Closed Caption (CC) metadata
Support Data National Imagery Transmissions Format (NITF) from Global Hawk,
U-2 aircraft and other sources
Digital images, documents, maps and shape files
Real time chat sessions from IRC-based chat servers
Integrated Capabilities NCCT, Pursuer (WAMI), SOCET GXP, DIB, CSD, TAC-MAAS