Closed Loop Optical Scanners

General Dynamics’ family of closed loop, nodding scanners represents a significant advancement of the state-of-the-art in electro-mechanical scanning systems. These devices provide precise limited angle scanning for thermal imaging camera systems. The scanners produce the “frame scan” portion of the image while a detector array produces the “line scan” in a typical thermal imaging camera application. Similar scanners have been developed for 3-D imaging laser radar systems.

  • Beryllium mirrors
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Unique brushless resolver feedback

Product Details

General Dynamics designs and produces custom closed loop controllers, proprietary feedback devices and high performance DC brushless motors to deliver unmatched performance with all of our scanning systems. Ideal for imaging and inspection applications, these systems are designed to perform in the most demanding aerospace and military environments.

• Beryllium mirrors
• Brushless DC motor
• Unique brushless resolver feedback
• Compact size
• Low scan and cross-scan jitter
• Low power consumption

General Dynamics Mission Systems designs and manufactures a full portfolio of high-performance motion control systems and components that provide our customers the clarity, accuracy and reliability to successfully complete their mission.

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Our products and solutions play mission critical roles in some of the harshest environments across all domains. Customers depend on these maintenance services for their rugged reliability and performance in the field.

Our Customer Service operation works closely with users to maximize the, performance, reliability and up time of our mission critical imaging systems. We have established long term relationships with defense, homeland, commercial and international communities for logistics, support and depot.


Nodding Scanners Datasheet



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Scan Angle Up to ±12.5°
Scan Rate Up to 120Hz
Cross Scan Error < 50 μrad, standard deviation
Scan Jitter < 5 μs, standard deviation
Scan Efficiency 75% at 50Hz and 540°/sec
Linearity Within ±1% with ramp scan waveform
Central Scan Linearity 0.25% error or less
Power Consumption 8 watts typical at 50Hz
Operating Temperature Range -30° to +90°C
Low Thermal Drift 100ppM over full temperature range
Controller Outputs Start of scan, mirror position and end of scan signals