General Dynamics’ high-speed gimbal uses high-torque, direct-drive brushless DC motors to deliver ultra fast point-to-point movement with milli-radian accuracy. The high-speed gimbal is ideal for applications requiring rapid response, including rocket or artillery countermeasures.

A 90-degree azimuth, 45-degree elevation combined move can be performed in less than 20 milliseconds, including settle. The gold-coated aluminum mirror is supported on either side by a yoke that comprises the elevation drive assembly. Its unique design conceals all elevation motor and encoder cables.

Product Details

The base of the mechanism contains the azimuth drive system and consists of a hollow shaft to permit a laser beam to pass through the center and strike the mirror from below. High-precision rotary position sensors provide a complete feedback control system.

A trickle charge is provided to a high voltage capacitor bank, which is discharged to provide punch when a high-speed move is commanded. The hardware consists of a 16-bit 150 MHz Digital Signal Processor and 16-bit dual Digital-to-Analog Converters with a settle time of less than 2 microseconds. Serial flash allows for in-the-field code updates.

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High Speed Two-Axis Gimbal Datasheet



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Weight 10.2 lbs
Envelop 6.25" W x 7.75" L x 6.50"
Input Beam (1/e2) 15mm
Clear Aperture 0.60" x 1.60" Ellipse
Travel (optical °) Azimuth: ±160
Elevation: ±45
Resolution (optical °) Azimuth: 0.01
Elevation: 0.05
Accuracy (optical °) ±0.20
Repeatability (asec) Azimuth:±10
Elevation: ±100
Max Speed 90° in 20 ms (Including Settling)
Reflective Coating Vapor-deposited gold or other - per request
Power Supply 28V DC (Optional AC Power Source)