For over 30 years, General Dynamics has been providing high-performance laser scanning devices for a variety of imaging applications. From automated optical inspection to high-resolution film recorders, our laser scanning devices are critical components of some of the most precise instruments. General Dynamics designs and manufactures both aerodynamic and aero-static rotary air bearing scanners to meet your specific application needs.

  • Rotation speeds from 1 - 100,000 RPM
  • Contamination and maintenance free
  • Infinite orientation of the spindle axis
  • Low wobble or cross-scan error
  • Low jitter or in-scan rotational error

Product Details

  • Computer-to-plate image setters
  • Health imaging film plotters
  • Automated optical inspection systems
  • Continuous web inspection devices
  • Semiconductor microlithography equipment
  • Laser projection and display systems
  • Aerodynamic and aero-static design options
  • Rugged design and sealed housing
  • Choice of optical deflectors including monogons, polygons, cubes and prisms
  • Brushless DC and AC hysteresis synchronous motors
  • Closed-loop control electronics
  • Speed and position optical encoders

By generating its own air bearing cushion as the spindle lifts off during rotation, the aerodynamic laser scanner provides advantages for applications where an air supply is not available. Our aerodynamic laser scanners provide high rotational speeds, high mechanical cross-scan accuracy and low jitter when used in conjunction with General Dynamics’ spindle controllers.

General Dynamics’ aero-static air bearing scanners provide optimal performance at all speeds. Suspended by pressurized air, the aero-static bearing is completely cushioned prior to dynamic rotation, enabling the device to deliver consistent performance from low to high speeds. The aero-static bearing provides extremely high stiffness for additional load carrying capacity and low repeatable spindle run-out errors.

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Our fundamental mission is to ensure the continued precision performance of your cameras in the field.

Our products and solutions play mission critical roles in some of the harshest environments across all domains. Customers depend on these maintenance services for their rugged reliability and performance in the field.

Our Customer Service operation works closely with users to maximize the, performance, reliability and up time of our mission critical imaging systems. We have established long term relationships with defense, homeland, commercial and international communities for logistics, support and depot.