General Dynamics has designed and developed numerous high-precision scanners utilizing our direct drive motor and precision resolver or encoder technologies supported by precise ball bearings and driven by advanced control and commutation electronics.

These systems include 2-axis gimbal assemblies, gimbal cartridges, rotary actuators, rotating monogon or polygon scanners and nodding scanners.

Nodding Scanners

General Dynamics' high precision nodding scanners are designed and manufactured in both open and closed loop configurations. These sophisticated scanners perform with precision and reliability under the harshest environmental conditions and are used in guidance and tracking, thermal imagers and targeting sights applications. We design and produce custom closed loop controllers, proprietary feedback devices and high performance DC brushless motors to deliver unmatched performance with all of our scanning systems.

Air Bearing Scanners

By generating its own air bearing cushion as the spindle lifts off during rotation, the aerodynamic laser scanner provides advantages for applications where an air supply is not available. Our aerodynamic laser scanners provide high rotational speeds, high mechanical cross-scan accuracy and low jitter when used in conjunction with General Dynamics’ spindle controllers.

Two-Axis Gimbal

Pointing and scanning Gimbals are used to redirect a laser beam with high precision. They are ideal for targeting systems, as well as scientific and commercial applications including light detection and ranging (LIDAR). General Dynamics' two-axis gimbal is designed to sustain environmental and performance requirements typical of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sensor systems. The gimbal embodies compact direct drive brushless DC motors, high-precision rotary encoders, precision ball bearings and optional solid state gyroscopic sensors.

High-Speed Two-Axis Gimbal

General Dynamics’ high-speed gimbal uses high-torque, direct-drive brushless DC motors to deliver ultra fast point-to-point movement with milli-radian accuracy. The high-speed gimbal is ideal for applications requiring rapid response, including rocket or artillery countermeasures.