The LaserTrac™ AutoFocus is designed to perform in the most demanding applications, including inspection systems processing semiconductor wafers, readwrite heads, hard disks and even razor blades. It provides real-time autofocus of infinite conjugate objectives developed by Olympus, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, Mitutoyo and other manufacturers. LaserTrac increases throughput up to 300% and greatly reduces operator fatigue.

  • Real-Time Autofocus of Infinite Conjugate Objectives
  • Easily Integrated Into Many Inspection Applications
  • Increased Throughput Up to 300%

Product Details

Whether used for automated or manual based inspection, LaserTrac ensures the target image remains in focus over the entire inspection area. LaserTrac reflects an infrared laser off a dichroic mirror and on to the inspection surface. The mirror is highly reflective in the infrared and highly transmissive in the visible light range, preventing degradation of the microscope image. Laser light returning from the inspection surface is directed by the mirror into the AutoFocus module where it is imaged onto two photodetectors. By monitoring this reflected beam, the LaserTrac AutoFocus is able to disseminate above or below focus conditions and generate an error signal to continuously keep the system in focus. This allows for fast and repeatable focus even when the sample is being moved. By leveraging our expertise with direct drive systems, Piezo electric elements and voice coil type actuators, the LaserTrac AutoFocus can achieve bandwidths from 10 to more than 300Hz. With the bandwidth range available, the LaserTrac AutoFocus can be integrated into numerous inspection applications.


  • Real-Time Autofocus of Infinite Conjugate Objectives
  • Easily Integrated Into Many Inspection Applications
  • Increased Throughput Up to 300%
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue
  • Fast and Repeatable Focus
  • Bandwidths Range: 10Hz to >300Hz

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LaserTrac Autofocus Datasheet



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Laser Diode laser operating at 785nm (near infrared)
CDRH Classification Class I (Reference 9021118-00)
Electrical ±12 VDC 600mA
+ 5VDC 200mA
Environmental 50-90º F (10-32 ºC)
40-90% Humidity (non-condensing)
Physical 7.9 L x 3.9W x 1.6H (inches)
20 L x 9.9W x 4.1H (cm)