Micro Inspection Systems

General Dynamics has deep domain experience in developing precision micro inspection imaging systems used in some of the most demanding applications such as processing semiconductor wafers, read-write heads and hard disks.

With over 30 year experience in the field of distance-measuring laser interferometry, General Dynamics has designed and manufactured thousands of interferometers for the world's largest corporations. Our laser interferometers are primarily used as feedback elements in state-of-art servo motion control systems.

Digital Microscope

General Dynamics' dual-field-of-view, single objective Microscope is fully automated and can be adapted to a variety of wafer, solar cell and medical inspection technologies. The design features integrated illumination, dual cameras, active position feedback, and an integrated controller.

LaserTrac AutoFocus

The LaserTrac™ AutoFocus is designed to perform in the most demanding applications, including inspection systems processing semiconductor wafers, read/write heads, hard disks and even razor blades. It provides real-time autofocus of infinite conjugate objectives developed by Olympus, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, Mitutoyo and other manufacturers. LaserTrac increases throughput and greatly reduces operator fatigue.