Precision Optical Assembly

General Dynamics’ Commercial Fast Steering Mirror is a flexure-mounted system offering a compact, lowcost solution for single- and dualaxis scanning, beam alignment and beam stabilization applications. The compact package is available with mirror sizes ranging from 15 mm to 35 mm in diameter and mechanical angular deflection of ±1.5 degrees.

  • Built-in, high-precision optical sensor monitors mirror angle
  • Voice coil actuators for fast response
  • Digital and analog interface between user and mirror

Product Details

A built-in, high-precision optical sensor monitors the angle of the mirror, while voice coil actuators allow for a faster response. The mirror is available with specialized materials and coatings for specific customer needs and optional digital or analog user interfaces.

  • Mirrors range from 15mm to 35mm in diameter
  • Mechanical angular deflection of ±1.5 degrees
  • Built-in, high-precision optical sensor monitors mirror angle
  • Mirror material and coating per customer’s requirements
  • Digital and analog interface between user and mirror
  • Voice coil actuators for fast response

General Dynamics Mission Systems designs and manufactures a full portfolio of high-performance electrooptical infrared (EO/IR) optical systems and components that provide our customers the clarity, accuracy and reliability to capture the shot that matters and successfully complete their mission.

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Our fundamental mission is to ensure the continued precision performance of your cameras in the field.

Our products and solutions play mission critical roles in some of the harshest environments across all domains. Customers depend on these maintenance services for their rugged reliability and performance in the field.

Our Customer Service operation works closely with users to maximize the, performance, reliability and up time of our mission critical imaging systems. We have established long term relationships with defense, homeland, commercial and international communities for logistics, support and depot.


Commercial Fast Steering Mirror Datasheet



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Electrical Specifications


Angular Resolution 2 μ-radian
Frequency Bandwidth 300 Hz for small signal input (-3dB)
Step Response (small) < 5 ms
Closed-Loop Linearity < 1.0%
Repeatability < 25 μ-radian
Accuracy 100 μ-radian


Mechanical Specifications


Type Voice Coil
Size 2” x 2” x 2.98”
Weight 0.55 lbs
Range (Mechanical) ±1.5°
Sensor Type Analog


Mirror Specifications


Size 25.4 mm
Clear Aperture 23 mm
Material Glass, Aluminum
Reflectance > 95%
Wavelength Per Customer’s Request
Surface Flatness 1/8 wave @ 633 nm