General Dynamics’ precision pan-tilt systems combine our high power DC torque motors and high accuracy resolvers directly coupled to the payload for maintenance free operation with zero backlash. With a payload capacity of up to 100 pounds the Vector-100 is ideally suited for multi-sensor platforms. The integrated 16 bit resolver is directly coupled to each axis for superior control and accuracy, making it ideal for long-range electro-optical and infrared camera systems. The Vector-100 System's benefits include:

  • Direct drive technology provides maintenance-free operation with zero backlash
  • High resolution and precision, allow for long-range pointing accuracy and stability
  • Precise and smooth operation at all speeds
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Versatile multi-sensor payloads configurations

Product Details

Built-in control electronics and software provide precise, smooth motion at all speeds. An integrated slip ring is standard on every unit, providing continuous rotation in the pan axis. The Vector-100 is also available with optional inertial gyro-stabilization, making it ideal for applications requiring dynamic position control. Additional features include:

  • Direct drive torque motors
  • 16 bit high accuracy resolver technology
  • 360° continuous pan angle
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67 standard
  • Smooth low speed motion to 0.01°/sec
  • Gyro-stabilization (optional)

General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies designs and manufactures a full portfolio of high-performance camera systems and components that provide our customers the clarity, accuracy and reliability to successfully complete their mission. Leveraging our custom motor and resolver technologies, we design and manufacture maintenance-free, precision pan-tilt systems with zero backlash.

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Our fundamental mission is to ensure the continued precision performance of your cameras in the field.

Our products and solutions play mission critical roles in some of the harshest environments across all domains. Customers depend on these maintenance services for their rugged reliability and performance in the field.

Our Customer Service operation works closely with users to maximize the, performance, reliability and up time of our mission critical imaging systems. We have established long term relationships with defense, homeland, commercial and international communities for logistics, support and depot.


Vector-100 System Datasheet



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Operating Voltage 16 – 32 VDC
Operating Temperature -40˚C to +70˚C (-40˚F to +158˚F)
Pan Speed 0.01 to 300°/sec
Pan Angle Continuous
Tilt Speed 0.01 to 300°/sec
Tilt Angle ±60°
Resolution 0.005°
Position Repeatability ±0.01°
Position Accuracy ±0.1°
Backlash None
Payload 100 lbs (50 lbs Max each side)
Continuous Torque 2500 oz-in @ 24 VDC
Weight 74 lbs
Environmentally Sealed IP67