General Dynamics Vector pan-tilt systems are ideal motion control solutions for surveillance, defense and homeland security missions. Our 40-year history in building state-of-the-art motors and resolvers allows us to build the new industry standard for precision positioners with zero backlash.

Vector-15 Precision Pan-Tilt System

Our precision pan-tilt systems combine our high power DC torque motors and high accuracy resolvers directly coupled to the payload for maintenance-free operation with zero backlash. The Vector-15 combines all the benefits of our precision positioning mechanisms into a small, economic package capable of supporting payloads up to 15 pounds.

Vector-20 Stabilized Maritime Pan-Tilt System

The Vector-20 is a rugged, aerodynamic pan-tilt system able to deliver stable, precise imagery in rough seas and at high speeds. Designed to handle the intense jostling and vibration in marine environments, it is an ideal solution for the maritime missions of the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard and law enforcement agencies.

Vector-35G Gear Driven Pan-Tilt System

With its high torque capability, the Vector-35G accommodates a wide range of payloads from long-range sensors to radar systems. The Vector-35 is ruggedized to ensure performance in the harshest environment and allows for 24/7 continuous operation without requiring homing or calibration.

Vector-50 Precision Pan-Tilt System

The Vector-50 leverages our high power DC torque motors and high accuracy resolvers to provide one of the industry's most precise, long-range pan-tilt systems. With a payload capacity of up to 50 pounds and optional cradle and arm support, the APS-50 is ideally suited for multi-sensor platforms.

Vector-75 Precision Pan-Tilt System

The Vector-75 offers a unique platform specifically designed for integration of multiple sensors into a single, affordable sub-system. With two independent payload mounts and a fixed radar mount, the Vector-75 meets the demanding requirements of today's border surveillance and force protection missions.

Vector-100 Precision Pan-Tilt System

The Vector-100 is a multi-sensor pan-tilt system with a payload capacity of up to 100 pounds. It is available with optional inertial gyro-stabilization, making it ideal for mast mounting and ground-based or maritime shipboard mounting.