General Dynamics manufactures exceptionally reliable single-speed, multi-speed and segmented resolvers.  Specifically designed to withstand high-impact (shock) and environments containing dirt, grease, oil or other contaminants, our resolvers and synchros are available in a variety of configurations including housed, unhoused and space-rated.

Common applications for General Dynamics resolvers include aerospace and defense platforms such as radar, missile seekers and electro optical stabilized systems. Our resolvers' absolute positioning sensors provide:

  • A high degree of angular accuracy
  • Extremely high resolution
  • Easy installation

Product Details


A resolver is an electromagnetic transducer that can perform three basic functions: transmitting information, receiving information and correcting information. When precise positioning is required there are many ways to address the problem, but only a resolver can provide ruggedness of construction and high positioning accuracy in extremely hostile environments.

Pancake Resolver Applications






  • Radar fire controls
  • Air traffic control radar
  • Telescopes
  • Night vision pods
  • Missile guidance systems
  • Periscopes
  • Gyro navigation systems
  • Seeker heads
  • Stabilized platforms

  • Ballscrew positioning
  • Motor commutation
  • Robotics positioning
  • Machine vision systems
  • X-Y tables
  • Component insertion
  • Remote video controls
  • Pick and place machines
  • Web guides

  • Coordinate Measuring
  • Robotics
  • Optical measurement
  • Antenna positioning
  • Oil exploration
  • Proximity measurement


  • C-T scanners
  • MRI patient positioning
  • Laser positioning


Customer Support

For customer support for our resolvers, you may contact us by email, phone, or fax.

Phone: 619-671-5400
Fax: 619-671-9292

V Line Products

Over the years we have developed many different pancake type resolvers for specific military and space programs, as well as for motion controls in robotics and machine tool applications. General Dynamics now offers a line of standard frameless pancake resolvers, the V Line products, for the convenience of our customers, and in order to minimize nonrecurring cost and delivery times.

Our V Line Resolvers: Data by Ascending Outside Diameter (inches)

  • RP007 (0.71)
  • RP012 (1.19)
  • RP015 (1.51)
  • RP019 (1.84)
  • RP022 (2.21)
  • RP028 (2.75)
  • RP034 (3.38)
  • RP038 (3.78)
  • RP050 (5.01)
  • RP065 (6.49)
  • RP083 (8.25)
  • RP094 (9.38)
  • RP115 (11.37)

For more information, download our 2016 Pancake Resolver Catalog

Why Should I Choose A Resolver?

Resolvers are superior to many other kinds of absolute position sensors because of their ruggedness, and ability to provide a very high degree of angular accuracy under severe conditions. There are no optical paths to keep clear of smoke or oils that often disrupt the operation of optical encoders. Because they are a proportional device, they are also less subject to input signal anomalies; a voltage or frequency variance will change both the sine and cosine outputs equally.

Resolvers are a cost-effective answer to your control needs. They save you size and weight, being substantially smaller than other transducer approaches, and easily integrated into your system, component or motor design. Signal converters and balance circuitry can easily be incorporated into the resolver and/or output connector configuration.

Ask us about simplifying your design task with integrated packages, including motion control components and related electronics.