Long-Range Thermal Imager (LRTI)

With narrow- to wide-field-of-view options, the VZ-250 meets a wide range of mission requirements from long-range targeting to wide-area perimeter surveillance. The VZ-250 (LRTI) is widely deployed throughout the world securing borders and protecting critical infrastructure. The VZ-250 helps to defend ground troops in forward operating bases through programs including BETSS-C, TASS, C-RAM and FPS-2.

  • Tri-Field-of-View Infrared Sensor
  • Boresighted Visible Camera with 26x Zoom
  • Integrated Precision Positioning System

Product Details

The VZ-250 is a tri-field-of-view cooled thermal imaging system with an integrated 26x zoom visible camera. Mounted on a 360 degree Vector-50 pan-tilt system, this system offers precision pointing and stabilization at long range. The VZ-250 is available with a laser rangefinder and laser illuminator. This system is easily integrated into existing systems and provides easy-to-use push button interaction.

  • Tri-Field-of-View Infrared Sensor
  • Boresighted Visible Camera with 26x Zoom
  • Focal Plane Array Choices:
    • 320 x 256
    • 640 x 512 (with optional Long Life Cooler)
    • 640 x 480 (High Reliability Cooler Option)
  • Integrated Precision Positioning System
  • 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilization (Optional)
  • Integrated Controller and Joystick
  • Auto and Manual Focus
  • Laser Rangefinder (Optional)

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VZ-250 Datasheet



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System Specifications Serial Interface: RS-422Video Format: NTSC/PAL/Differential 


Power Requirements: 18-28VDC (direct to P/T), 100-240VAC or 12VDC (with DCU)

Environmental: Unit sealed and dry nitrogen backfilled

Front Element Defroster

Operating Temperature Range: -32° C to +60° C

Non-Operating Temperature Range: -40° C to +71° C

Controls: Controls available on a handheld joystick or through a PC via an RS-232/422 link

Proportional Pan and Tilt speed controls

Field of View and Focus Slaving: Visual/Thermal Field of View Switching

Focus (Auto/Manual)

Auto Scan with 10 tables of 10 userdefined presets, variable speed, dwell, and camera selection

Optional TCP/IP Interface

Weight: ~60 lbs (27 kg) (Pan/tilt head & sensors)


Visible Camera Characteristics Sensor: 1/4” IT CCD (Super HAD), Approx. 630k Pixels (NTSC), Approx. 740k Pixels (PAL)Field-of-View: Continuous 26X optical zoom, 42° to 1.6° 


Digital Zoom: 12X

Resolution: 470 TV lines NTSC (460 PAL)

Min. Illumination: < 2.0 lux (1/60 sec), 0.05 lux (1/4 sec)

Signal to Noise: > 50dB


Thermal Camera Characteristics Detector:
Option 1: 320 x 256
Option 2: 640 x 512 (with optional Long Life Cooler)
Option 3: 640 x 480 (High Reliability Cooler Option)Spectral Band: 3-5 μm 


Type: Motorized Remote Focus and Tri-Field of View 17/60/250 mm Optical System

f/#: 4

Field-of-View: Tri-Field-of-View (17/60/250mm)
Detector Option 1 & 2: 31.5° x 23.9° (Wide) 9.1° x 6.9° (Medium) 2.2° x 1.65° (Narrow) Detector

Option 3: 25.5° x 19.2° (Wide) 7.3° x 5.5° (Medium) 1.8° x 1.3° (Narrow)

Controls/Features: High Sensitivity Mode
Multiple Color Palettes
Inverse Polarity


Pan/Tilt Head Pan: 360° ContinuousTilt: ±60° 


Position Rate: Pan <0.1° to >300°/second, Tilt <0.1° to >300°/second