Uncooled Thermal Multi-Sensor Systems (U-Series)

Short to Mid Range Uncooled Thermal Cameras & Multi-Sensor Systems

Our U-Series uncooled short- to mid-range thermal cameras are designed for applications demanding high reliability and low cost of ownership. Our VU systems are affordable multi-sensor solutions, integrating an uncooled thermal camera, an electro-optical camera and other available sensors onto one of our Vector pan-tilt systems.

Dual-Field-of-View Thermal Cameras

Our dual-field-of-view U-Series cameras are available with a range of focal lengths to meet specific mission requirements. The optical system is equipped with an automatically controlled defroster and a proprietary diamond-like hard carbon coating.

Marinized Multi-Sensor Systems

General Dynamics' Marinized Multi-Sensor Systems are rugged, stabilized electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) camera systems designed to perform in tough maritime environments. Whether day or night, in rough seas or congested harbors, these systems deliver increased situational awareness and improve response time and maneuverability.

Custom Uncooled Thermal Camera Solutions