Gyro-Stabilized Multi-Sensor Camera System

The V9 system delivers true high definition (HD) imagery for airborne law enforcement and persistent surveillance missions. The system is equipped with innovative infrared and HD daylight sensors to capture high-intensity target signatures day and night. The V9 utilizes two HD visible cameras to expand wide area coverage and maintain the long-range identification performance. The system’s continuous zoom lens enables persistent tracking of the subject at any given field-of-view.

This product is no longer in production. Some common items may still be available. In addition, our legacy products have potential value to be used for a trade-in on a new system.  Please contact us at 530-271-2500 for pricing and availability.

Product Details

The cameras are contained in a 4-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal assembly to provide unparalleled stabilization in this class of camera system. With searchlight controls, laser illuminating and continuous zoom capabilities, this system is an efficient, economical and powerful solution ideal for wide-area aerial surveillance and remote monitoring missions.

• 4-Axis Gyro-Stabilization
• Mid-Wave Cooled Thermal Sensor
• 2 High-Definition Cameras
• Continuous Optical Zoom
• Illuminator
• Searchlight Interface
• Moving Map Interface
• High-Definition Overlay
• Digital Video Processing
• Compact Design

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Cineflex Inspection Program
Cineflex camera systems offer the rugged reliability to perform in the harshest environments. Our Calibration Inspection Program will help to ensure the continued performance of your systems, whether flying to the top of Mt. Everest to cruising through the Grand Canyon.
Recommended every 1000 hours of system operation, this inspection program evaluates full system operation, checks balance and alignment, performs software upgrades, calibrates to factory specifications and performs a full quality acceptance test. The inspection will also check for critical system failures to ensure all components are operating properly.
Contact us to request a full system inspection before your next critical shoot.

User Operation & Maintenance Training
Cineflex offers user training by Cineflex engineers and operators, providing customers with a hands-on learning experience for proper system operations and maintenance. Training is available at the customer site or the Cineflex facility.

Operator level training includes an in-depth review of the user manual covering camera functionality, user interface and routine maintenance. We offer two levels of maintenance training covering a range of material from basic maintenance and component swapping to extensive system repair and diagnostics.


V9 Camera Datasheet



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Thermal Imager Sensor Type: 640 x 480 HgCdTe FPA 


Wavelength: 3- 5 μm

Field of View Type: ContinuousFocal Length: 25-300 mm

Field of View: 17.5° to 1.5°

Digital Zoom: 2x

Effective Focal Length: 600 mm

Zoom Ratio: 12x optical, 24x overall


Daylight Imager Sensor Type: 1/3” CMOS 1920 x 1080 


Field of View Type: Continuous

Focal Length: 5.1 mm to 153 mmOptical Field of View: 50.4° to 1.8°

Digital Zoom: 4x

Effective Focal Length: 612 mm

Zoom Ratio: 30x optical, 120x overall


System Specifications System Type: 4-axis gyro-stabilized multi-sensor 


Azimuth Coverage: 360° ContinuousElevation Coverage: 57° to -188°

Slew Rate: 0° -60°/sec


Dimensions Turret: 12.1” x 10.25” 


Auxiliary Unit: 8” x 9.5” x 15.6” (H x W x D)


Weight Turret: 27.5 lbs. 


Auxiliary Unit: 20 lbs.

Control Unit: 1.5 lbsSystem: 58 lbs (w/standard cables)


Power Input Voltage: 28 VDC +/- 10% 


Continuous: 132W/5AMaximum: 450W/16A


System Interfaces Digital Video: HD-SDI, HDMI 


Analog Video: NTSC/PAL

Control: RS232, RS422Data: RS232, RS422


Laser Illuminator (Optional) Laser Class: Class IIIb 


Wavelength: 830 nm

Output Power: 30mW