Exceptional Standoff Range Performance

The V14-LRx features high-magnification, true continuous zoom optics for the infrared and daylight video channels. The V14-LRx maximizes the effectiveness of the sensor suite through the use of super telephoto lenses to maintain constant situational awareness and enable detailed technical analysis at extreme slant ranges, for increased operational efficiency.

Product Details

The V14-LRx is a high performance dedicated “Spot Ball” imaging solution.

  • Exceptional Standoff Range
  • Finest EO Ground Sample Distance (GSD) for its class
  • Integrated MISB compliant Metadata
  • Continuous Zoom EO/IR for constant situational awareness
  • High Accuracy Geo-Pointing, Geo-Location, and Geo-Targeting
  • Streaming Video Interface (Rover Compatible)
  • Image Exploitation Software:
    • North Centering
    • Scene Lock
    • Geodetic Registration
    • Multi-Target Tracking
    • Mosaic Composite Imagery

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Cineflex Inspection Program
Cineflex camera systems offer the rugged reliability to perform in the harshest environments. Our Calibration Inspection Program will help to ensure the continued performance of your systems, whether flying to the top of Mt. Everest to cruising through the Grand Canyon.
Recommended every 1000 hours of system operation, this inspection program evaluates full system operation, checks balance and alignment, performs software upgrades, calibrates to factory specifications and performs a full quality acceptance test. The inspection will also check for critical system failures to ensure all components are operating properly.
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User Operation & Maintenance Training
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Operator level training includes an in-depth review of the user manual covering camera functionality, user interface and routine maintenance. We offer two levels of maintenance training covering a range of material from basic maintenance and component swapping to extensive system repair and diagnostics.


V14-LRx Camera System Datasheet



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System Type 4-axis (active)
Turret Size (H x W x L) 19.8" x 14.9" x 19.9"
Turret Weight 81 lbs.
Auxiliary Unit 27 lbs.
System Weight (w/standard cables) <125 lbs.
Azimuth Coverage 360° Continuous
Elevation Coverage 20° to -195°
Slew Rate 0-30°/sec