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EO/IR Gyro-Stabilized Camera Systems (V-Series)

Gyro-Stabilized Single and Multi-Sensor Gimbal Systems

The General Dynamics V-Series camera systems offer gyro-stabilized electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) and high-definition gimbal systems. Designed to deliver real-time, day and night situational awareness and long-range threat detection, our cameras offer searchlight controls, laser illuminating and geo-pointing functions to help detect and identify intruders and determine if a threat is hostile.

V14-HS Camera System

The V14-HS Camera System features a high-sensitivity 3CMOS sensor that assures high contrast color imagery in dark, misty and foggy conditions. It is ideally suited for the airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications.

V14-LRx Camera System

The V14-LRx is a high performance dedicated “Spot Ball” imaging solution. The V14-LRx camera system was designed to support the operational goals of increased standoff range, improved feature detection and recognition performance, as well as offering image exploitation software to reduce the operational workload and enhance mission effectiveness.


Our GEO+ system provides on-screen display functionality for cameras, which significantly increase the utility of the Cineflex camera system. GEO+ is ideally suited for utility surveying, electronic news gathering, feature film production and virtual effects.

Custom Camera & Gimbal Solutions

Our experienced team can design and build custom payload solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us here

Legacy Products

The following products are no longer in production. Some common items may still be available. In addition, our legacy products have potential value to be used for a trade-in on a new system.  Please contact us at 530-271-2500 for pricing and availability.