Cyber Climate Map


Cyber Climate Map prioritizes defensive cyber actions by identifying external threat vectors which match internal vulnerabilities. This also enables drill down into any part of the network architecture to understand both the gaps and defensive assessments at all levels of the organization.

Increase your speed-to-action by:

  • integrating network operations and cybersecurity events into a comprehensive, operational and visual decision support tool
  • enhancing attack sensing using Deep Packet Inspection via TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software
  • mitigating the insider threat with advanced analytics to predict and identify anomalous behavior
  • ensuring security with cross-domain multilevel information sharing

This Cyber Climate Map brings a single view into the defensive posture of the network and enables drill-down into any of the dashboard widgets to find more

detailed information. The most significant risks across the enterprise are identified and their locations geographically mapped. In addition, the Cyber Climate Map provides insight into how each portion of the network is being tested by adversaries and thus the vulnerabilities of highest concern. The user can drill into dashboard components for a more expansive visualization of that dataset to pinpoint network defensive concerns.

The Cyber Climate Map presents multiple tiers of metrics by quickly pivoting through multiple views of the data and enabling detailed drill-down through the data allowing stakeholders at all levels – system and network administrators, cyber defenders and leadership – to make key decisions.

For more information, contact:

Brian Morsch

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